She’s not good at sums, get her out of here!

According to former Scottish Labour branch manager, Kezia Dugdale, in the Herald unchecked, today:

LABOUR can take up to 12 seats in the general election won by the SNP in the 2019 poll, according to Kezia Dugdale. The former Scottish Labour leader made the forecast today after senior figures in the SNP stepped up their attacks on their rivals during their party conference in Aberdeen. Labour figures believe the attacks indicate nervousness about a turn around in the fortunes of Labour, which currently has just one MP north of the Border. A series of UK opinion polls have shown Keir Starmer’s party is surging ahead of the Conservatives and while the SNP remain dominant in Scotland, Labour party managers believe many of their traditional supporters are now willing to return to the fold having switched to the SNP in the wake of the 2014 independence referendum.

What’s her prediction based on? The SNP attacking Labour and, maybe, the polls.

Well, we’ve been here before.

According to YouGov with a sample of 1 067 Scots adults, based on field work on 30 September to 4 October 2022, Labour’s surge in England is not washing up here.

Though support for Labour on the Westminster voting intentions, climbed from 22 to 31% as that for the Cons fell 7 to 12%, SNP support only fell 1 to 45%.

On leadership performance, things look even more unimpressive for Scottish Labour as only 34%, down from 35% in May, thought that Anas Sarwar was doing well. The figure for Nicola Sturgeon was 51%, no change from May 2022.

Comparing the Labour surge at Westminster with the Labour increases suggested in the five small sub-polls, you have SNP averaging 46%, Labour at 28% and the Cons, going down the tube, at 10%. 

They might hang on to Ian Murray again.


7 thoughts on “She’s not good at sums, get her out of here!

  1. Ian Murray only kept his job as an MP working for England based in Scotland, was because the Tories in his constituency voted for him to keep the SNP from winning the seat.
    Labour’s legacy is atrocious in Scotland, just have to remind people of that and of course, they are totally pro Brexit, totally against even rejoining the single market and customs union, which is completely at odds with what the majority of the people of Scotland voted for and opposite to what they want for their country.

    Labour branch office in Scotland are deluded, with Dugdale dragged out to do the BritNats job of gas lighting the people of Scotland, they seem very nervous indeed. Aww.

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  2. It is obviously too early to predict an election two years away.
    The forecast I have seen has the SNP winning 52 seats.
    I think Truss is doomed, and if the Tories have any sense, they will dump her as soon as they can. Ben Wallace is the only candidate who could revive their fortunes.
    Starmer/Sarwar/Murray is not a particularly attractive ticket, and their “offer” to Scotland has not been examined by commentators (surprise, surprise).
    I see no great yearning among Scots for a return to Labour. They did nothing for Scotland last time out.
    Mark Smith in the Herald is a BIG fan of Labour, but he should go round the streets in New Cumnock (which lost a third of their population after the pits shut), where he lives, and ask the ex-miners what they think of Labour, or Labour’s Brian Wilson, who was a director with Scottish Coal.

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  3. The late show—-

    In 2014 Putin annexed Crimea. The UK was pledged to uphold Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity—it did not.
    Several months later the Tory government attempted to recruit Putin as an ally in the 2014 referendum.

    “Detestable” is really being too soft on the moral vacuum of these creeps.

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  4. Kezia Dugdale is so convinced that Scottish ( sic ) labour is on the march in Scotland that she is going to give up her sinecure at Glasgow Uni in order to stand for election …isn’t she ?

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  5. The BBC’s political editor Chris Mason wonders

    “For a party that has been in government in Scotland for 15 years, they continue to defy gravity: despite strong criticisms of their record on the NHS and schools, the highest rate of death from drugs in Europe and ferry orders that are late and over budget, they keep doing miles better in elections than anyone else in Scottish politics.”

    Wonder no more Mr Mason..

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  6. I can only repeat the comments I got on the doorsteps while canvassing in a formerly strong Labour voting area. ” The Labour Party let us down. Never again”. Considering in last year’s Council Elections, we, the S.N.P, consolidated our vote, I can see no reason for optimism from another yesterday’s politician.

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