Will Scottish Tories smell the Coffey?

I should open with an apology for my headline but it’s just too bad to drop.

In 2018, the Scottish Cons were reported in the Courier:

Ministers have been accused of complacency over smoking after funding cuts coincided with a sharp decline in quit attempts.

The number of bids to kick the habit have halved since 2012, according to NHS figures, as Scottish Government cash for cessation services fell by 73%.

The Scottish Conservatives warned the “great strides” in tackling one of the biggest threats to public health were at risk of being undermined by SNP inaction.


Today, in the Guardian:

Ministers are expected to break a promise to announce an action plan to tackle smoking, in their latest controversial U-turn on public health, Whitehall insiders say.

The government had committed several times to publish a tobacco control plan “later this year”. However, the health secretary, Thérèse Coffey, does not intend to honour that promise, according to officials with knowledge of her intentions.

Coffey, who is also the deputy prime minister, smokes and has previously accepted hospitality from the tobacco industry. Since becoming an MP in 2010 she has voted in the Commons against an array of measures to restrict smoking, including the ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces, the outlawing of smoking in cars containing children and forcing cigarettes to be sold in plain packs.


Scottish Con MSP, Alexander Stewart, might be OK with Coffey in control. In 2021, in a parliamentary question to the Scottish Government, he sneakily introduced the myth that stopping smoking led to weight gain: https://www.parliament.scot/chamber-and-committees/written-questions-and-answers/question?ref=S6W-04545

Takes your breath away!


2 thoughts on “Will Scottish Tories smell the Coffey?

  1. Coffey has links to the Tobacco Industry so halts any ”tobacco control ” plan . I assume that Weightwatchers is sacrosanct too !
    Just what England needs for a Health Secretary – an overweight , tobacco-loving drinker !

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  2. Honestly it gets worse with these lying troughers. Who in their right mind, in Scotland, would want to be shackled to such a greeedy, corrupt, devious, incompetent, incapable cabal, who are working against the actual people of the UK. People need to know how these people in power are taking them for fools. Coffey is subsidised to eat and drink and smoke expensive cigars by the people, while they go hungry and sit in cold houses. Now that the BritNat state has full control over the media, they can do whatever they want, more like a mafia than government. Scary.


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