She said she detests ‘THE’ Tories not all Tories

See the difference between the National’s headline and those in the Scotsman and the Mail? They’ve dropped the ‘the‘.

Does it matter? Well, yes, of course.

I detest ‘the’ Tories too but I mean by that, as I feel sure the FM does, Tory politicians and activists. I don’t detest most Tory voters, even supporters. I feel sure many of them are well-intentioned but deluded. Given the propaganda they’ve grown up with and face every day, I understand.

You can say that you detest the violent and sexist imagery of some forms of youth culture without being accused of detesting ‘youth.’

Dropping the ‘the’ is a deliberate attempt to mislead. Shameful. I detest the right-wing press.


14 thoughts on “She said she detests ‘THE’ Tories not all Tories

  1. wheras everyboby has the right to vote for whichever party they choose to, they don’t however get to say they can’t be blamed for the polices or actions of who they voted for , they are equally culpable as enablers of the ensuing cluster foul up .

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    1. Drowning Unionist mad mad bad dogs leaping into
      Waters with a straw in their foul foaming mouths
      NS yesterday afternoon qualified unreservedly ” That it was Tory Policies that she detested having watched the insidious societal effects all her political life not only here in Scotland but also in England “


  2. The full comment made was “I detest the Tories and everything they stand for”
    The Tory PR machine then manufactured their grievance and circulated it via chums in MSM and trooped out Ministers to wail indignation – This manufactured outrage despite a litany of insults to SG and the FM personally over many years culminating in Truss’s infamous “Attention seeker” remark is hypocrisy on stilts.

    Hilariously it left the BBC in Scotland red faced having to report it despite having until then run a media blackout on the conference…

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  3. When, if ever, have three little words caused such a controversy? The ScotTories are out in force on Twitter today bemoaning the fact that the FM for the whole of Scotland (not often they admit that either) has disrespected a percentage of the population. The angst is laughable in its faux-ness. There are business people saying ‘I struggled to build my business, employ 30 people, pay them well, pay my taxes and the FM detests me’. Politicians lining up to show their distress in a polite, measured way which is new to the tory party. I was tearing up – could almost hear the violins in the background.

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    1. Just wait to £ falls once more by 10 % all as a result
      Of Tory misguided policy
      Then all shall experience
      The full amplifying consequences upon there personal, business fiscal outlook as there personal pension pots diminish
      To which they worked hard
      And paid into all their lives
      Now that is what may just be aptly referred to as Detestable


  4. Policies or people?

    There are some Tories, like Truss and Kwarteng, who felt that it was acceptable to reduce taxes for the highest paid and Braverman, who “dreams” of seeing plane loads of refugees being flown to Rwanda.

    These are detestable policies. If people create and support detestable policies then detesting them is a natural reaction.

    I detest them and I feel no shame in saying this.

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  5. Over on BBC website their first attack headline “Sturgeon backlash after ‘I detest the Tories’ jibe” backfired because at various times of the day yesterday #despisetoriesvalues was #1 on trending on twitter. BBC headline was replaced with “Sturgeon accused of divisive rhetoric for saying ‘I detest the Tories'”.
    It’s still trending on twitter and by devoting several hours of airtime, and giving the FM publicity, it ensures her party conference speech this afternoon will have a huge viewing audience.

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    1. cuckooshoe
      Bang on the money, He who laughs and gloats first
      Shall do so Last
      SNP really wising up to MSM tactics and NS baited them yesterday morning
      And they well and truly rose to the baited hook with the barbs now firmly locked into their jaws
      The more they wriggled the more the hook anchored
      As Captains Mannering would aptly put it
      ” Stupid Boy “

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      1. £ now at $ 1.10
        Wonder if they laughing now
        That is over a 3% fall from Friday close
        And a 3 % rise to England,s massive import needs


  6. I heard an interesting term to describe the ‘outrage’ of the Tories and their media lackeys: ‘performative rage’. I think it describes such ham acting well.

    Last night, as I heard the BBC news headlines I forecast that ‘Call Kaye’ would be performatively raging this morning and, true to form, she was! She is better at that than she is at dancing!!!

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  7. Personally I think if you enable a political party who have declared war on the poor, the disabled, the old .the NHS ,foreigners and the working class it highlights to me want sort of person your are. You cant tell me that those who voted for the Nazi’s did know what they where voting for. Brexit was about harnessing racism, The greedy Tory elite took the opportunity to take back control and hide their money in tax havens free from EU scrutiny. The little Englander thought they where creating a Second Empire and keeping John foreigner out. Boris, Gove Leadsome and Farage sold the lie like Hitler to do this they need scapegoates. We are now sliding to facism in, UK,Ok . Yes it’s the enablers who have taken us there by voting for the lonney right wing fringe act brainwashed by the papers and the BBC propaganda machine.
    Dissolve the Union.


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