The terrible truth of the war we see in Ukraine was present here too

In this BBC Scotland (South) report we read:

During a single day in 1545, a 15,000-strong force burned and pulled down more than a dozen strongholds in the Rule Valley. Fields of corn and smaller settlements were also destroyed.

I think it’s the recent news of massacres in the Ukraine that have made me think there might be something missing from the above report. There’s no mention of civilians massacred by English troops. Do we think that 16th Century English soldiers were more decent than 20th Century Russians troops, when set loose suddenly upon people they had othered?

Fields of corn and smaller settlements were also destroyed? Is that a euphemism for the brutal massacre of old men, women and children? I feel sure archaeologists could answer that question.

During the War of the Three Kingdoms in the mid 17th Century an estimated 15 000 civilians died in Scotland.

In 79 years of warfare in the 17th Century Low Countries, around 5 million out of 15 million civilians died.

Do UK archaeologists avoid such matters? Neil Oliver might note that any massacres made space for the young?

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