Scotland’s Covid infection rate last week only 61% of that in England

All things being equal, with 10 times the population, England might be expected to have 30 000 cases of Covid 19 over the wee-ending 6 October but, instead has 49 000.

BBC Health is reporting the reintroduction of one-visitor and mask-wearing rules for English hospitals and advice to avoid visiting vulnerable relatives.

BBC Scotland has nothing to say on the matter.


5 thoughts on “Scotland’s Covid infection rate last week only 61% of that in England

  1. Have the mask wearing rules been relaxed in Scottish hospitals and surgeries?
    Everyone was still wearing face masks last Sunday when my wife and I had our booster jags at the local doctors surgery and again on Wednesday on an outpatient visit to an Edinburgh hospital .

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    1. This was what I found just now on the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde website regarding hospital visiting and the mitigations of Covid-related risk.


      This states, amongst other Covid-relevant guidance, that in healthcare settings there is an obligation to wear a face covering, unless exempt.

      I would expect similar ‘obligations’ are in place across NHS Scotland.

      I visited a GP surgery a week ago and in the waiting room – filled with folk now taking advantage of the reinstatement of daily ‘open surgeries’ by this longstanding, superb GP practice – ALL were wearing face masks.

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