Poll: Surge in support for YES

Based on YouGov’s poll on 4 October, YES support climbed 5 points to 43%. On 23 May it had only been 38%. While NO support only fell 1 point to 45%, the Don’t knows seemed to have shifted significantly, from 11% in May to only 7% in October.

The recent Savanta ComRes for the Scotsman with YES only 1 behind on 45% has no data tables published.

The smaller Deltapoll for the Sun (659) which excludes under 18s, has no indication of change from earlier polls.

The longer-term British Social Attitudes study, with a sample of 44 280 households, had 52% in favour of YES:



One thought on “Poll: Surge in support for YES

  1. I’m glad to hear that Yes has recovered but really, Yes should be higher. Some actual leadership and a bit of consistency from the SNP would be helpful but there’s not a lot of that. I think it is up to all Yessers to start our own campaign and state our own vison or visions that could be realised in an independent Scotland. Waiting on the SNP is like waiting on a bus to Inverness from Helmsdale after half one in the afternoon. Yes, we have to still vote for them but I’m running out of patience.


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