Despite Douglas Ross, Anas Sarwar makes NO ground on Nicola Sturgeon

According to YouGov with a sample of 1 067 Scots adults, based on field work on 30 September to 4 October 2022, Labour’s surge in England is not washing up here.

Though support for Labour on the Westminster voting intentions, climbed from 22 to 31% as that for the Cons fell 7 to 12%, SNP support only fell 1 to 45%.

On the Holyrood voting intentions, the Con vote only fell 5 to 13% and Labour only went up by 3 to 26%. On this, the SNP vote actually climbed by 2 to 49%.

On leadership performance, things look even more unimpressive for Scottish Labour as only 34%, down from 35% in May, thought that Anas Sarwar was doing well. The figure for Nicola Sturgeon was 51%, no change from May 2022.


2 thoughts on “Despite Douglas Ross, Anas Sarwar makes NO ground on Nicola Sturgeon

  1. Good. Labour and the other England headquartered parties work against Scotland’s best interests. They take a huge amount of public money to do as they are told by the English government. Labour in particular conned Scotland for a long time into voting for them, the parties over for Labour in Scotland now and it’s well deserved.

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  2. Labour Party support in Scotland would collapse entirely were a distinctly Scottish party to arise by another name, but founded on the same core principles which birthed Labour.

    Neither Murray nor Sarwar etc have an ounce of principle to share between them despite all the rhetoric – It is all about careers and self-promotion whilst playing the Westminster game.
    Contrast Mark Drakeford to Sarwar for Labour values, how far Scottish Labour have fallen.

    The party of Keir Hardy is no more, there is no Clement Attlee prepared to take on and break the status-quo, Westminster politics has neutered it to become as stale, pale and generally male as the rest, with only the occasional female nut-job promoted to provide contrast.


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