Common Weal promotes Tom Gordon’s fake news on homelessness

Shared by the Common Weal, huffy so-called independence supporters, to hear Tom Gordon say:

THE Scottish Government’s key strategy to end homelessness is at risk of failure because of the added pressure to house refugees from the war in Ukraine, over-stretched council officials have warned.

A blistering memo to SNP Social Justice Secretary Shona Robison says those working on the ground feel “frustration, depression and anger” at the “massive challenges”.

Who is the blistering memo from? Not identified. Leaked by some Labour minion and picked up by Gordon to present as news.

Some real news about homelessness in Scotland? Try this:

The proportion of people suffering from the worst forms of homelessness in Scotland is about half as high as in England, campaigners have claimed.

Almost one in 100 households in England (0.94%) were experiencing what the charity Crisis called “forms of core homelessness” – such as sleeping on the streets, sofa surfing, or staying in either unsuitable temporary accommodation like B&Bs or living in garages or industrial premises

That rate compares to 0.66% of households in Wales and 0.57% in Scotland, Crisis said.

The charity put this down in part to Scottish ministers having the “right political will” to tackle the problem.

And the Crisis chief executive, Jon Sparkes, said if plans north of the border to strengthen the law in terms of preventing homelessness were implemented, then Scotland could become a “world leader”.

His comments came after research for Crisis found that since 2012 England has had consistently higher rates of “core homelessness” than both Scotland and Wales – with rates growing faster in England over that time.

Scotland, meanwhile, became the first part of the UK to publish a plan to end homelessness, with the Scottish Government and local authority organisation Cosla joining forces on this.

6 thoughts on “Common Weal promotes Tom Gordon’s fake news on homelessness

  1. “The Common Weal follows” is not the same as “The Common Weal shared” so the central accusation in this article is simply wrong. All that mark says is that the Twitter account used to view this tweet itself follows both the Common Weal and Tom Gordon.

    As to the statistics themselves, is a 0.57% homelessness rate for Scotland “good enough” in the author’s opinion? Would it still be “good enough” if, hypothetically, England’s rate was 0.55% instead of 0.94%?

    A 0.57% homelessness rate in 2020 would rank Scotland amongst one of the worst in the EU had Brexit not happened. Is that “good enough”?

    Click to access HC3-1-Homeless-population.pdf

    “Better than England” is not the same as “good enough”.


    1. It’s as good as we can do whilst we are dominated and deminished by English rule, with all our efforts belittled by the same in the intrerests of continued English rule.


  2. The fact is, Scotland is at a massive disadvantage, the next door government takes Scotland’s revenues and resources, and sends a few crumbs back with added contempt.

    The Scottish government are mitigating huge cuts to the people of Scotland by the English government. People can demonise the SNP all they like, but it is fact that the ‘budget’ set by the country next door, renders Scotland hostage to whatever the English government decides. It’s an economic tourke around Scotland’s neck and the Tories, and Labour d!elight in making sure that Scotland is choked, on top of England’s Brexit, Scotland is in great peril.

    The SNP and the Scottish Greens are doing what they can, not perfect, but it’s against massive odds, that, without independence, are swinging in favour of the English government. We do need independence groups and organisations to focus on what is being done in Scotland to mitigate the terrible English governments’ unecessary cuts to the poorest and most vulnerable, and not do the English governments’ work for them in undermining the work being done. More needs to be done for sure, but the British state is not about to allow Scotland to improve living standards, nor enable a more equal society, that’s counter to the long established British nationalists’ portrayal of Scotland as the poorest, drug addicted, drunken, violent subsidy junkie on planet earth.
    Their agenda is to thwart any attempts by the Scottish government to reverse the terrible economic and social damage to Scotland, over decades and more, at the hands of the British/English state.

    Independence is the only way to stop the English government from causing even more damage to Scotland, especially having dragged us out of the EU against the will of the majority of the people in Scotland. That really has to be pointed out so that people do not forget just how utterly undemocratic Brexit was and how it demonstrates how little Scotland is respected in the so called UK.

    The incessant SNP bad is sinister and don’t be surprised if at some point, the English government enact a coup to save Scotland from the horrors of Scottish rule. Put nothing past the BritNat state.


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