Sandesh Gulhane ignorant of how many more nurses Scotland has?

The little narcissist is everywhere in ‘our’ media lying about the NHS that pays him for the odd visit to a practice. Has anyone you know benefited from his treatment?

Here’s the real news on nurses in Scotland:

So, Scotland has more than 50% more nurses per patient than England. That’s a huge life-saving difference.

Student nurses and midwives entering Scottish Government funded degree programmes will increase by 8.7% in 2022-23, to a total recommended intake of 4837 students.

This will be the 10th successive increase in recommended student numbers, with the intake doubling over the last decade.

To address the mental health and wellbeing impacts from the pandemic, mental health nursing will increase to a recommended intake of 888 places, up 20% from the previous year, and 146.7% over the course of the last 10 student intakes.

A further 335 students will begin a Paramedic Science degree, bringing the total number of paramedic students to 996, the third successive increase in recommended intake targets since the programme began in 2020.

4 thoughts on “Sandesh Gulhane ignorant of how many more nurses Scotland has?

  1. Sadly par for the course, BBC now complaining about lack of student nurse uptake – wonder why? – rhetorical question – what the hell do they expect when they constantly traduce our health service giving no thought to the staff morale seeing negative stories all the time just to angle it to an SNP bad narrative. Our NHS workers are doing an fantastic job and should be lauded for their efforts and the media should also be reflective of the differences between here and RUK – salaries are better, conditions are better, and numbers of nurses, doctors, dentists etc per head are greater in Scotland – yes we can always strive to do better but for gods sake MSM cut them some slack

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    1. ”First do no harm ! ” – considering his constant attacks on Scottish medicine since he arrived in Scotland I fear Dr Gulhane took the hypocritical oath rather than the Hippocratic !


  2. The hypocrisy of Gulhane and the BBC in Scotland turning nursing student intake and vacancy numbers into a political campaign is galling, when it is Tory defunding and political decisions/policies in London which have done by far the greatest damage.
    SG having the temerity to resist their drive toward privatisation will have wrankled the “colonialists” all the more being “separatists”.

    In a Scotland context, the “around 6,000 vacancies” are less than 5% of the total projected nursing workforce, given the churn in that profession it is actually quite remarkable.
    Indeed were London to restore previous funding it would probably result in even more vacancies listed and nurses getting a well deserved pay-rise.


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