Evidence that Scotland’s warship building future is secure

Readers need no reminder of the many scare stories that circulated in 2014 and that are being recycled for 2023, that Scotland’s shipyards would close with no warship contracts.

Today, we see hard evidence of the fragility of these stories:

A SCOTTISH shipyard has secured significant contracts to provide warships to Europe.

Babcock International, which has also started building the first of five Royal Navy frigates at Rosyth under UK Type 31 programme, is supporting the construction of three vessels marketed as Arrowhead 140 frigates in Polish shipyards.

David Lockwood, Babcock chief executive, said: “Driven by innovation and backed by heritage, the Arrowhead 140 frigate has British ingenuity and engineering at its core.

“But above all, we are looking forward to working with Poland as it develops and grows its shipbuilding capability, creating real social and economic benefits for the country.


Note, Babcock have managed this despite the UK having left the EU, of which Poland is a member. A future Scotland within the EU can surely look forward confidently to building warships for the many other EU countries which do not have our expertise nor our advanced facilities.


14 thoughts on “Evidence that Scotland’s warship building future is secure

  1. Sorry to be that guy but you’ve misunderstood this. These ships are being built in Poland, Babcock sold the design but is not building the ships here, countries that can afford ships like this typically want to build them.

    These ships are not being built in Scotland.

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      1. How many frigates would a prospective Scottish Navy / Maritime Defence Force commission? How much bigger work would be put it’s way?


      2. Sorry, I’m not sure it’s made clear but this isn’t Scotland selling a design, it is Babcock, a private company. Also, the plan for indy Scotland is half a dozen OPVs, not frigates.


      3. I’m afraid that’s not accurate, it’s a private firm selling the design and not Scotland. Additionally, indy Scotland has no plans for frigates, only OPVs.


      1. They’re being purchased from Babcock, a private firm which bought the design from a Danish firm. There is no secret that firms cooperate on designs, the restrictions come in where the ships can be built as most nations restrict construction to their own shipyards.


  2. I would hope that Scotland can do better than build warships. I’m surprised we are all still here on this (ever more just semi habitable planet), given the amount of stupidity in spending trillions on WMDs. Nowt more to say. except humans are intent on MAD.


  3. Build ferries and support vessels etc. Trawlers. Or liners. Norway builds 100 vessels a year. Now Oil is taken off in barges. Build some of them. Scotland can become a world transport hub. From East to West. Plans are in place to make Prestonpans a transport hub. Increased flight to Dubai and China, Anywhere but Heathrow. heavily subsidised,

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