Queen’s death has no effect on support for independence


The average support for Yes over the last 7 polls has been 43.1%. The first poll since the death of the Queen, recorded 42%. The difference in a poll of around 1 000 Scots is thus statistically insignificant and reveals no meaningful effect.

The media claims (Express and Sun) of a slump in support are baseless.

7 thoughts on “Queen’s death has no effect on support for independence

  1. I have heard the claim from a number of unionists that support for independence has plummeted during this event.
    My response is,just wait until the fuel bills land on doorsteps this winter.
    People may be glad to be hit with power cuts but are going to be asking the question as to why an energy rich country like Scotland is in such a position.
    Energy policy is ,of course,reserved to London.
    Put that in your wood burning stove and smoke it.

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  2. I just keep thinking Scotland’s in deep trouble with the fascists down the road at the helm. It’s beyond understanding how support for independence is still not way above 50%, and closer to 60% at least. Sigh.

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  3. “The media claims (Express and Sun) of a slump in support are” not only “baseless” but “wishful thinking” – The entire establishment are aware it is not just a queen being buried today, but support for Unionism in Scotland.

    The Union was already frayed by a succession of abusive right wing London governments, there is no longer a Queen to prevent it completely unravelling and Charles is completely incapable.

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    1. True, the right wing rags think if they say support is down that people will accept that as normal and thr truth. The British Nationalist state has form in propagandising and brainwashing populations. The many folk who have decamped from England to live in Scotland for the clean water, better services, outdoor space and beautiful countryside, over the past couple of years, will need to be targetted in any campaign as well, because to them though Scotland is very pretty, with a devolved government, the ‘UK’ is all important to them, and they won’t all want to let go of it. I’d say they want the best of both worlds but we all know that the UK is far from the best of anything now, and on a shoogly peg when it comes to peoples’ rights, and a decent standard of living, and is no longer the prosperous democracy it once claimed to be.

      Many people in Scotland want to be in the EU, that may just unfluence the independence referendum. My no voting neighbours are not too happy about Brexit, their children and grandchildren’s wings have been clipped. I suspect they’d vote in favour of independence to be back in the EU.

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  4. Still 50%+ support. DK. The campaign has not begun. The Tories have gone all Thatcherite, Another 18 months. Support will rise. Thank goodness for Devolution. Queen or King it doesn’t matter. Support for the monarchy is falling among the young. Either slim down or bow out, Billionaires lecturing others, The biggest consumers on the plant, Take some of their own advice. 19% tax. No corporation or capital gains tax. The Royals did no5 pay tax for years.

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  5. As already said it is not unexpected that support for Indy has not materially altered as our very hostile and corrupt media will not allow the truth to be aired. It is thro’ their ignorance that many still settle for the status quo but that will change once campaigning starts.

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