Sturgeon persuades unions to call off strikes!

Sturgeon teaches Cosla members how to balance their lives

I’ve had to correct the BBC Scotland headline again, but as they tell you a bit down the page:

It follows an 11-hour meeting between unions and council leaders that was hosted by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in Edinburgh on Thursday.

Follows what? This:

Strikes that had been due to close hundreds of schools and leave bins unemptied across Scotland next week have been called off.

A new offer will mean a 10% pay rise for the lowest paid staff instead of special cost of living payments this year and next.

Non-teaching school staff in 11 council areas had been due to go on strike for three days next week.

Refuse workers had also been due to begin a fresh round of strikes.

The Unison, GMB and Unite unions all said they had suspended their industrial action while they consult their members on the pay new offer, and that they were recommending the deal is accepted.

If a First Minister Anas or Douglas had hosted the meeting in a crazy alternate dimension, you know well how rubbish the outcome would have been.


12 thoughts on “Sturgeon persuades unions to call off strikes!

  1. If you were a genuine , honest and decent Trade Union Senior Official
    And not in it just to enhance your personal Future prospects, and truly were acting on behalf of the union members you are paid to represent to the best of your abilities
    By way of clinching the best deal possible under the current Economic and Political conditions pertaining in Scotland and how its budget is intrinsically yoked to Westminster
    Then quite simply you then have to put what has been offered to your members,strongly recommending acceptance
    Knowing full well such members have enough Savvy to know who genuinely has empathy but
    Responsibility in having ensured that the offer is the best possible that could be made in exceptional circumstances
    In Short most of us know as to Whom shall butter our bread to the absolute best of Her abilities ( Nicola Sturgeon ) Mummy always knows best does she not
    And it ain,t Westminster nor their Branch officer lackeys who even know how to lift the butter tub
    Far less spread it properly

    ABC ( BBC ) know full well of what I speak and that explains exactly how they
    Compose their nefarious reports pertaining to these


  2. That’s good, did the FM give her right arm as well, the Labour unions wanted blood I know. If that offer is rejected it will be very clear as to why.

    Anyway, yesterday they’d emptied some bins in the main shopping street, and the gull proof bags in the poshest streets near us, aw so nice. The gull proof bags are there for each posh household because they refuse to have the big bins in their streets, they had a campaign and would probably have lost but, now they have a BritNat council, no doubt the gull proof bags are staying, at greater cost to the public purse, more time consuming. Those who refuse to have the unsightly big bins in their own streets of course, use the ones in our street, I see them sneaking about with their rubbish, grr, and well, they need parking for their SUVs of which there are a very many.

    I wasn’t the only one to notice that the council had emptied the posh hooses rubbish first either, chatting to a woman with her school kids, the kids said they noticed that as well. I’m sure the reward will be made at the ballot box next time.


    1. ArtyHetty
      With regards the posh and their gull proof refuse sacks
      I believe that the tyre valves of their Plant Wrecking SUV,s are NOT
      lentil proof
      How on Earth
      Are the Lab/ Tory pact Council
      Going to resolve that one ?

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  3. Has Sarwar fallen off the planet ? I haven’t heard him whining recently about the failure of his people on COSLA to resolve this dispute .
    Perhaps he has been secretly meeting with union officials to point the finger at Westminster’s austerity agenda for the last 12 years which has resulted in the present low wages of working people .
    Thought not !

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  4. I note also that the pay offer means 5% to the highest paid and 10% to the lowest paid.
    That’s what you call TRUE levelling up.
    Tories! Here’s a tip, watch and learn from the Scottish Government on how to govern properly.


  5. Anas adventures in rat-land.

    Anas was front and centre of the COP26 bin strike, seemingly at home with the rats.
    This bin strike he has been a bit wary, hiding when Embra was deluging in filth, then appearing briefly when Glasgow got hit.
    Then he disappeared again (did negative polling get him?), maybe coalescing with his Blue and Yellow Tory partners—
    “how we can stick it to Sturgeon”, he will be blustering in his best John Wean (Wayne) accent.
    “Oan ye go, Anas. We iz richt ahind ye (20 feet)” bray the Boy Band (DRossie and Cauld-Ham).
    “This time we wull git hur”, “an thon big Lizzie Trossachs’l help us”.
    “Its no Trossachs ya big numbone, its…. ah….Truckle..that whit it is, Truckle”!

    Old Chinese saying–
    mony a truckle maks a trickle’
    Lands ye in an awfi’ pickle.


    1. gavinochiltree
      Another way of explaining
      To Sarwar could be
      ” The Plans ‘O ‘ Men ( or in Sarwars,s case Mice ) aft go to Shit
      And whilst referring to Shit
      Q. What do you have if Sarwar is up to his nose in Shit ?

      A. Not enough Shit


  6. The stench of hypocrisy is in the air around opposition party politicians in Scotland again. A seemingly successful, direct and public intervention in an industrial dispute by a FM is denigrated for being too late by those not privy to the negotiations.

    Labour’s only MP in Scotland is even tweeting that the timing of the FM’s intervention was overly delayed because of a couple of appearances she made at the Festival Fringe! And this is the person the Labour Party considers appropriate to be Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland!

    The history of FM’s or PM’s or even Westminster government Secretaries of State’s interventions in industrial disputes shows that nothing particularly tardy has been involved here. Indeed hesitancy or outright refusal to intervene between employers and unions is normal.

    From the BBC News website published on 10 January, 2002: ”Rail talks end without agreement – During first minister’s questions in the Scottish Parliament Jack McConnell rejected calls from the Scottish National Party that ministers should intervene under the powers of the Transport Act.

    He said: “These industrial relations are shocking in the 21st century.

    Adding: “IT IS QUITE RIGHT AND PROPER THAT SCOTRAIL AND THE TRADE UNIONS INVOLVED RESOLVE THIS DISPUTE THEMSELVES. They are responsible for the way in which this dispute has been created.” (my emphasis)

    ‘Mr McConnell said that he and Enterprise Minister Wendy Alexander were in regular contact with ScotRail and the unions involved but IT WAS FOR THEM TO RESOLVE THE DISPUTE.’

    ‘Previous talks aimed at reaching agreement between the company and union officials ended in deadlock on 28 December.’


    And at a UK level, close to Labour’s ‘hame’, from 11 October 2007:‘However, the current dispute isn’t just about wages and working conditions, it is also about the future of the postal service itself.

    ‘The Government owns the Royal Mail. It is the sole shareholder. That is why the responsibility falls on Gordon Brown’s shoulders to intervene to resolve this dispute.

    ‘Yesterday I tabled an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons calling upon the Prime Minister to intervene. SO FAR ALL HE HAS DONE IS CALL UPON THE CWU MEMBERS TO GO BACK TO WORK.

    ‘I think it is time the Prime Minister got to work on this issue. That is what leadership is all about.’


    (John Mcdonnell MP, Labour Party)


  7. The BBC and MSM are going on strike. After publishing a load of rubbish. They will not be missed. Leading to their own demise. The right wing non Dom tax evaders killing people. The Westminster controlled propaganda machine. Another 1+ year of this appalling Westminster governance. An absolute mess and shambles of 3rd rate unionists. Thankfully the Scottish Gov sorted it out once again. Another IndyRef coming soon.

    The Westminster unionist Brexit. The US/UK causing war and starvation all over the world. Now they are causing war in Europe breaking International Treaties once again. The EU was formed to stop War and starvation.

    Now more people are threatened with earlier death in the UK because of Westminster Gov policies. The unionists 3rd hypocrites shown up once again. This is the way to do it. The rail strike would be over in Scotland. If it was not tied up in the Westminster charade. Just impossible.


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