Scotland-Germany Hydrogen Research Scheme funded by the Scottish Government and invisible to BBC

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By stewartb

On the subject of Scotland-Germany collaboration, this from the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s (RSE) website:

‘The new RSE Scotland-Germany Hydrogen Research Scheme is funded by the Scottish Government with the purpose to facilitate international collaboration between Scottish and German institutes. It aims to develop hydrogen-related research which can inform Scottish Government policy objectives. This aligns with the RSE’s ‘knowledge made useful’ mission.

‘OBJECTIVE: This scheme seeks to foster research- and practice-based partnerships between Scotland and Germany to lead the way towards a decarbonised future. The objectives of the RSE Scotland-Germany Hydrogen Research Scheme are as follows:

– ‘To facilitate and strengthen co-operation and learning between Scotland and Germany in the area of hydrogen research;
To foster partnerships/networks within and beyond academia, including with local authorities and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME);

– ‘To encourage the initiation of new partnerships and/or the development of existing partnerships;

– ‘To contribute to policy discussion in Scotland around hydrogen.’

The deadline for research proposals was in February 2022.

Corporate media or BBC Scotland coverage? Anyone recall anything? I suppose research collaboration between Scotland and Germany over a future hydrogen-based economy is hardly newsworthy, especially as Scotland is now outside the EU!

And then from the Scottish Power website dated 10/11/2021: ‘Scottish and German collaboration to look at potential of exporting green hydrogen from Scotland to Germany. As outlined in the Scottish Government’s Draft Hydrogen Action Plan today, the project aims to identify future opportunities to unlock massive green hydrogen demand in Germany

‘The Scottish Government’s hydrogen assessment in 2020 found Scotland exporting green energy to Europe could result in £25bn GVA with over 300,000 jobs by 2045

‘Working together on the project, ScottishPower, Wood, KPMG Germany and DS Consulting, each bring their own expertise to the collaboration. ScottishPower will be responsible for assessing renewable energy and hydrogen production capabilities in Scotland, Wood will be responsible for engineering and distribution challenges and DS Consulting and KPMG Germany will identify customer demand and examine infrastructure and regulatory requirements.

‘The collaboration will aim to create a business case for an initial green hydrogen production facility in Scotland to be developed, constructed and operational in 2024.’

Again, media profile … anyone?

Footnote from Ed: I had a look. No BBC or STV. Only the Times at: and the Scotsman at:

The BBC chums at the Times and the Scotsman often feed broadcast reports. Why not on this? Too positive?


8 thoughts on “Scotland-Germany Hydrogen Research Scheme funded by the Scottish Government and invisible to BBC

  1. BBC covering Scottish/German Hydrogen research ? Sorry , this is trumped by an eight month old story about Sepsis !
    Get your priorities right people ! We are the BBC !


  2. As far as I know,the UK proposals for gas supplies involve introducing 20% hydrogen to the existing mains within the next few years with a view to being 100% Hydrogen at some dim and distant date.
    Their proposal will presumably rely on the production of Blue Hydrogen and some sort of carbon sequestration process at great expense to UK gas consumers.
    The obvious solution is to use Scotland’s vast renewables to produce Green Hydrogen but the UK government has political issues with “allowing” Scotland to be seen as successful economically.
    Their other whizz idea is to have a myriad of small nuclear power stations to do some of this work but as long as that relies on nuclear fission,they are stuck with the very expensive processing and storage of the waste.
    Either way,Scots will be stuck with high energy bills which can only be reduced by Scotland having complete control over it’s energy policies and the means to fund that.
    Some times separation is essential.

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  3. If this results in a viable product, expect the BEEB and Hi Jack to claim it for “Britain”.
    Though, of course Hi jack will be gone, and the borderless Fluffy will be back to “rule over us”.
    I cannot wait.
    His goggle-eyed outraged expulsions of spittle, froth and verbiage are most highly entertaining

    Our very own “Queen of the South” and bag carrier for economically challenged Truss*.

    *Radically cut taxation, hugely increase spending, and hope for the best–while challenging China and Russia, and bad-mouthing Biden.
    Sound like a winner to you?
    Who cannot face being asked questions, from Tories like Robinson and Neil?

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  4. Remember when Brown and Cameron reneged on Peterhead carbon capture we now have this apparently the SG might be asked for some guarantee regarding funding if that is the case we will have ACH and W Rennie bemoaning the fact the SG wasting taxpayers money again like the links below maybe they would like the smelter to close like the one at Invergordon.

    I have not seen anything about it on BBC

    Libs maybe want to shut it down.

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    1. I remember carbon capture development was proposed for Longannet power station, before the decision to blow it up was taken.

      W Rennie striving for relevance, he ignores that the smelter plant was proposed along side Kishorn dry dock. A joint plan that gave impetus to the investment for both sites. The 1000/2000 jobs, as I remember it, was for both sites. Kishorn is working on rigs, adaptation, modification and maintenance, not yet decommissioning. However, Ferguson and Leiths who operate the site employ 600+.

      I would also add that in their desire to criticise they take their eye off the horizon, where the future lies. The latest breakthrough in battery technology is using aluminium and sulphur, providing fast, safe charging, no dendrite and multi recharge cycle. Green renewable companies are going to be on the lookout for low carbon aluminium supplies.


  5. Scotland’s involvement with hydrogen as a power source is not new. The Energy offices in Fife set up around 2009-10, now Bright Green Hydrogen, was initially a sort of R&D/demonstration of combining wind power with hydrogen storage then when the wind did not blow burn the hydrogen to drive the turbines to produce electricity. The power from the wind turbine was used to produce hydrogen from water and then the hydrogen stored to act as a power source to generate electricity when the wind was not blowing.

    It has gone through various stages since then but certainly showed that Scotland was looking to the future.

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  6. Proton Technologies, Canada have a patented system for taking the hydrogen out of oil and leaving the carbon in the ground. This system is in operation producing a fuel that is, calory for calory cheaper than oil and ready to use at the well head. Their business plan includes Scottish North Sea fields. It appears that redundant fields have great potential for them, although this could be down to the licence price for a redundant well.
    I wrote to several MSPs and MPs telling them about this method, after hearing Roseanna Cunningham being gubbed on radio over oil and green issues. Only Marree Todd returned a positive response, the rest were the equivalent of a sugar lump and a pat on the head. Ho hum.


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