Scotland’s contact tracing system was miles ahead of that in England

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BBC Scotland today is featuring: Scotland’s Covid contact tracing staff lacked training – watchdog

The report is based on concerns raised by ‘a worker’, ‘sometimes‘, ‘there is reason to believe‘ and ‘some‘. The only numbers are in this:

It found 91% had complied with the agreed call centre scripts but that a “relatively high number” (25% of all cases) had the exposure date changed after the initial call by a quality control or supervisor check.

There’s no mention, needless to say of this kind of thing, reported here in two years ago:

Less than 3 weeks ago, Scotland’s MSM and their opposition party feeders were hopeful they might embarrass the Scottish Government on their contact tracing data. Sadly for them, last week, the FM was able to reveal 97% success.

Today the figures for England were published and only 75.5% have been contacted, failing the 80% (only) target there:

The Scottish performance is thus (22% of 75%) 30% better.

As for the contact tracing system in England? See this from October 2021:

NHS Test and Trace criticised as ‘eye-watering’ waste of money in damning report.

The report by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said that the NHS Test and Trace programme has not succeeded in helping break chains of transmission of coronavirus since its launch in May last year, nor has it helped a return to a more normal way of life.

The report states that the programmes outcomes have been “muddled” and a number of its aims have been “overstated or not achieved”.

This is despite the programme being pumped with the equivalent of 20% of the NHS’s entire annual budget – £37 billion over two years.

8 thoughts on “Scotland’s contact tracing system was miles ahead of that in England

  1. Now since vaccines are the only defence immunocompromised folk who don’t respond are still shielding. SG cannot buy treatment blocked by UKHSA even if they wanted. Tracing helped keep cases way below recent levels. Immunocompromised need Evusheld used in 32 other countries

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  2. Noted this morning that this features in second place behind “Unions call off Scottish school and bin strikes” (with 2,034 comments made by the usual keyboard frothing anti-SNP brigade) on both the Scotland and Scotland/Politics web-pages

    You need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the article to read this –
    “Neither NSS’s internal investigation nor the investigation conducted by INWO found examples of members of the public who had received incorrect public health advice.”
    She added that at the time of the 2021 complaint, “the national call centre was aware of the need to further develop the training at this time to meet the changing needs of the service and had a plan in place to do so.”
    THAT should be the context, but that’s NOT how Andrew Picken framed it, his context is “concerns in June 2021.

    Preceding that there is this crucial admission “The investigation relates to the period prior to June, 2021 when concerns were first raised with NSS.”.
    NSS had not only sample checked throughout and initiated change on foot of concerns raised, but it is THIS which enabled INWO to confirm ONE complaint was valid.

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  3. When I was infected, I was pursued (nay harried) by Scotland’s tracking system until they got hold of me. I was then subjected to a long explanation of what I should do.

    In other words, the system worked brilliantly!!

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  4. As often the case, a journalist with a different objective could have framed the article quite differently.

    Here is the source report:

    And here just a few extracts from it:

    Para 38. ‘The head of complaint I have investigated is that NCC staff did not have sufficient training and access to sufficient information to enable them to provide correct information to the public. This concerned the specific period prior to, and at the time of the concern being raised in June 2021.’

    And then para 42. ‘Although I have upheld this head of complaint, I HAVE NOT MADE ANY RECOMMENDATION associated with my findings AS NCC RECTIFIED THE ISSUES IN THE FOLLOWING MONTHS (for more information see paragraph 96 below).’ (my emphasis)

    And on process:

    Para 54. ‘C’s (the whistleblower’s) concerns about the quality of the investigation were about the impartiality of NSS’s investigation. C felt that the conclusions were based on opinions rather than facts. I also considered whether NSS’s investigation addressed all the issues C raised.’

    Para 55. ‘I have identified NO EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT C’S CONCERNS ABOUT the investigation not being impartial or evidence based. I am satisfied that a suitably impartial investigating officer was appointed to conduct the investigation. I am also satisfied that NSS’s findings summarised in their stage 2 response (and more fully in the investigation report) were informed by the evidence they gathered.’

    And finally:

    Para 75. ‘In summary, I consider that some aspects of NSS’s handling of C’s whistleblowing concern were compliant with the Standards and DEMONSTRATED GOOD PRACTICE. I am satisfied that the investigation (to the extent it was performed) was impartial and evidence based.

    76. ‘I WAS UNABLE TO CONCLUDE THAT C WAS GIVEN INCORRECT INFORMATION about accessing the whistleblowing procedure. While it was regrettable that NSS did not identify C’s concern about the risks relating to wrong exposure dates and incorrect isolation advice earlier, THERE WAS NOT A SIGNIFICANT DELAY BEFORE this concern was identified and investigated as an anonymous concern.’

    79. ‘While I am unable to conclude that NSS’s stage 2 response was unsupported by their evidence and findings, I consider that NSS could have communicated the outcome in a way which supported C TO FEEL THAT THEY HAD BEEN LISTENED to and that they were right to speak up.’

    Get little or no sense of this from the news coverage.

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  5. It does not bear thinking about how the situation would have been very different in Scotland had the ConLab’s been at the helm thoughout the pandemic. Their legacy in health care and well, everything really, is a disgrace. Let’s not forget they had Scotland being the ‘poor man of Europe’ and Glasgow as the ‘crime capital of Europe’.

    A bit O/T here.

    When we were kids growing up in NE England, (not such a safe place then or now) Glasgow was considered a terrifying dangerous place in which to never set foot. That’s what the Labour/Tory/LibDems did to Scotland, that is how they managed the social and environmental arena, by making sure Scotland was a basket case and they don’t like that the SNP have worked damn hard to reverse that and mend the terrible long term major damage, which was all orchestrated by the BritNat state. Scotland’s reputation as a dysfunctional, crime ridden, poor, drugs addicted country is no more, the BritNats in Scotland, controlled by their masters in London, would like to take Scotland back to those times. No thanks BritNats, Scotland is now well managed, (though against huge odds and wings clipped by the next door country) and we ain’t allowing the ConLabs to ruin Scotland again.


  6. Panorama did a programme on how bad the Track & Trace was in the South. People being paid high remuneration to do nothing. The computer system was such a muck up. If it had been done through council data they would have found the people much quicker. They phoned a couple of times if they did not get a reply nothing was done. It was ten days and over before people were informed of covid contract. They did not isolate.


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