Edinburgh Council Leader Cammy Day

From SNP Media:

Labour must urgently take steps to clean up the streets of Scotland’s capital after failing to prevent a 12-day strike by refuse workers.

Festival goers are facing overflowing bins and rubbish lining the streets of the city after the Labour-led administration originally rejected plans to offer a 5% pay increase to workers.

Despite residents demanding the Labour council take action to sort out the mess, the Labour council leader is missing in action and the Labour party, backed by the Tories and Liberal Democrats, are using the strike for political games instead of supporting residents and tourists by solving the problem.


    1. I actually agree, these Labour councillors, taking from the public purse, are endangering the health of the people of Edinburgh, visitors, and the environment, they are obviously hoping for maximum damage to the SNP via their lying compliant media.
      It’s absolutely criminal, they are creating a public health problem which could easily have been avoided. The unionists in positions of power in Scotland are deliberately causing harm, they should be arrested for it.

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  1. O/T.
    So goodbye, oor ain wee Micky Gove,
    Wicked Brexit huckster lies he gladly told.
    Came tae Aberdeen tae hiv a dance,
    Pu’ a burd, but never stood a chance.
    An all-round plonker, very strange cove.
    On TV, his noddin’ heid, a sicht tae behove.
    E’en goin’ three wiys a’ at yince.
    the Merchin’ powder hud him thinkin’ he’s a Prince.
    But no a sweat-free Andy, or a randy dandy.
    Hermless, like a glaikit’ Andy Pandy.
    Will he come tae Scotia and replace DRoss?
    Honestly? I couldn’t… give… a… TOSS!

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  2. Labour will lose even more support with it’s Tory Alliance. Dumped along with the rubbish. ACC has got rid of the illegal Alliance that has ruined the City. An absolute total mess. A debt ridden disgrace. Labour will play the price.

    What was the turn out in Edinburgh Council elections? Especially from those complaining. Use it or lose it. STV the unionist imposed political friend. The gerrymandering complete accomplishment. The unionist, no policy, just complete destruction of society.


  3. I wonder if I was alone in noticing a marked similarity in the BBC Reporting Scotland evening news item on the bin strike and the CH4 news report last night on the same subject. For example, interviewing the same people – none of whom were Labour councillors and most glaring similarity of all, failing to mention which party was in charge of Edinburgh Council with Tory support of course.

    Did not see the ITV/STV reports but suspect from what I have read that they were very similar to the other two. Almost makes you think they got together beforehand and agreed the content.


  4. Agreed Legerwood. Whilst changing channels yesterday evening, I happened to chance on the B.B.C News channel which was broadcasting a report, I think by someone called Andrea McKenzie, on the bin strike in Edinburgh. Wow. None of the important facts about the situation were aired. No mention of the unionist controlled council. No mention of the Scottish Government making extra money available for a 5% offer to be made, which only went through on the casting vote of the S.N.P chair, despite Labour/ Conservative opposition. As J.J said earlier, “where’s Sarwar” What, no door stepping of the Labour leader of Edinburgh City Council. If it was the S.N.P in control you bet there would have been.

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