Enough renewable electricity to power all of the UK’s homes and being exported for hundreds of billions but we freeze

From BBC Scotland today:

Wind farm agreements have been announced for three new developments in the waters around Shetland. The projects, covering an area of just over 560km2, are expected to generate a total of 2.8 gigawatts per hour of electricity.


This isn’t actually a huge increase in Scotland’s electricity production of 27.2 terrawatts per hour. A gigawatt is only a billion watts. A terrawatt per hour is one trillion watts.

Between Quarter 1 2021 and 2022, net electricity transfers from Scotland to England rose by 12 per cent to 5.9 TWh, as weather conditions were particularly favourable for Scottish renewables.

Imports, exports and transfers of electricity – GOV.UK

1 gigawatt per hour will power around 750 thousand homes (source below) so a terrawatt per hour will do 7 .5 million homes.

Scotland generated 27.2 terrawatts per hour of renewable electricity in 2021 (source below) so could power 204 million homes. There are around 28 million households in the UK so around 3 million in Scotland (source below). So 28 million homes and enough electricity to also power all the other buildings too?

16 TWh was exported (beyond the UK). 1 Terrawat per hour, in 2022, is worth around $190 billion. Does that make it into the GERS data?

Other sources:





15 thoughts on “Enough renewable electricity to power all of the UK’s homes and being exported for hundreds of billions but we freeze

  1. Ah, but… if the wind disnae blaw thurrs heehaw electricity so we need tae huv nuclear, coal an ile (sources, B. Wilson, J. Baillie and I Madeitup)

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    1. Ah but if the wind doesnae blaw, you rely on the electricity you have stored away. Battery technology isnt there yet – though its moving forward. Another possibility is hydro but Scotland doesnt have the capacity to deal with it all that way. However, a deal might be done with Norway to supply them with the electricity they need to pump the water back up the hill for their hydro schemes. In return we get electricity from them at an agreed rate when the wind doesnae blaw.


  2. Biggest problem is the future rates, companies are currently buying electricity at over £5.30 per therm for winter 23 been a 20x increase in future pricing for both gas and electric since April 21 / once it gets to that level I doubt it will decrease and will make the energy giants even more profits. Sad sad business unless you have shares on those making the big profits

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  3. Let’s not forget Ireland is caught by this almighty Tory scam over energy markets, the EIB will be looking at the numbers in panic with winter approaching.

    Just as Scotland is charged an arm and a leg for what they produce because England can’t, it will be hammering the Irish too, it’s total madness…

    Glad I embarked on this daft idea of an insulation project 5 years ago, it paid off progressively every year, but stunningly so over the last, which despite rising costs didn’t breach a grand a year for total energy.
    The next months will see the last piece of the jigsaw in place, perfect timing…


  4. Well no John it wont make it into GERS (or at least not much of it). The reason for this is that the electricity “belongs” to the producer who will sell it, and trouser the profit. Only the profit and/or the revenue will make it on to GERS, so only an amount consequent to the tax rates on these things (?) will make it on to GERS.
    Of course it could be different. IF these production facilities belonged to a Scottish Energy Company (on the Norwegian Statoil model for instance) then it would make it on to GERS for Scotland would benefit to the extent of an agreed share of revenue and/or profit.
    Unfortunately there seems little appetite for this is in the current government which in many respects – though to a lesser degree – seem content to go along with the neo-liberalism that has thoroughly invaded Westminster.
    If such facilities are to be considered community assets and to fully benefit the community then there needs to be at least community involvement, if not ownership. I’m pretty sure that our Unionist pals would tell us this would put companies off, but it has never done this in Norway for more than 30 years. The UK really has been a soft touch, and Scotland, I’m afraid might be a less soft touch, but it’s only a matter of degree.


    1. Actually we don’t have a clue what the current SG or a future SG will do. What we do have is a lot people telling us what they should be doing, because they don’t seem to be doing what they should be doing and telling everybody what their plans are and even if they did they’d be wrong.


  5. Fosters wood chip fire fraud. £Billion bungs for unionist support at Westminster. The bigoted, racist, misogynistic illegal Masonics blackballing people. Illegal and unfair. Totally discriminately.

    Scotland produces more fuel and energy than it needs and is nearer the source but pays a higher costs for it. A tax on the whole economy. The Oil sector should be taxed higher when prices and profits are higher. The tax should be lower when the price and profits are lower. That is the way it is supposed to work. To benefit the economy and share it out. The Tory unionists blatant mismanagement. Someone else will have to clear up theirs mess.


  6. Energy, Oil is included in Scottish Gov Accounts, with all the Oil revenues contrasted with a pro rata share. The UK Treasury gets half of production. Where is that recorded? UK Treasury sets the tax.

    Thatcher illegally kept the Oil & Gas revenues secret. Funded London S/E and unemployment. Cut the Scottish budget to the bone. Kept it secret under the Official Secrets Act. The Scottish ministers were sworn to secrecy. One of them resigned. Laing, Forsyth etc. left Scotland in poverty. Unemployment in Scotland was 15%. NI (Troubles) 20%. The only place it was under 10% was London S/E. Funding the bankers, Canary Wharf and Tilbury Docks. 26 miles of container docks created. Taking work south.

    Inflation was 18% Interest rates 15%. People lost their homes because they could not pay the mortgage. After being encouraged to buy. Thatcher sold off utilities and the building society mortgage books. So the bankers could make a pyramid pyre. The bankers fund the Tory Party. Fraud and corruption. Resulting in the banking fall, worldwide.


    1. The Treasury isn’t making anything from the North Sea.
      “Petroleum Revenue Tax (PRT) receipts have been negative throughout the period. Since its rate was set to zero in 2016, practically all PRT receipts effectively now equate to repayments and appear as negative receipts. PRT repayments hovered between £550 million and £650 million over 2016 to 2017 to 2017 to 2018, peaking close to £750 million in 2018 to 2019 before declining to £408 million in 2019 to 2020 and then to £250 million in 2020 to 2021 .”


      1. Making the oil revenue look worthless is political strategy rather than a fiscal reality. Better to look at other oil producers revenue and ask the question why is the uk’s so poor.


  7. GW per hour is nonsense.
    A watt is a joule per second, so watt per hour is an acceleration, not a rate,
    and it’s tera watt, not terra watt!


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