Only the SNP can be blamed for refuse piling up

Today, after much revealing of rubbish heaps across Edinburgh and with the odd reference to ‘the Council’ but none to its Labour leadership, Reporting Scotland persuaded the First Minister to come on and thus be associated with the mess, in many viewers’ minds.

Neither Labour Council leader Cammy Day nor Anas Sarwar were interviewed:

When you then look at the coverage of the refuse workers strike in Glasgow 2021, you’ll see references to the SNP and to Nicola Sturgeon as the reports portray the problem entirely as one of the SNP’s making.

Then, look at the coverage of the Edinburgh dispute today and note the absence of Labour or of Sarwar. Indeed, the Herald even attempts to blame the SNP!


7 thoughts on “Only the SNP can be blamed for refuse piling up

  1. News management from Pravda-on-the-Clyde.

    Nikla should know better, and frame her answers accordingly.

    “It was the Tory and Labour coalition which offered a miserly 3.5% wage rise and directly led to this strike.
    Now they are offering the 5% the SNP always wanted to offer, the strike might finish”
    “Though, as we know, the unions are in cahoots with Starwars and DRossie, so the snakes and rats are having a field day”!
    “Where is Starwars by the way? Is he hiding out with Boris, in a fridge”?

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  2. All part of a interconnected plot and campaign to undermine Indy
    Slowly but surely
    Westminster has cancelled all leave and put all the lackeys into Battle Stations
    ABC ( BBC )
    Friday past – 1800 hrs main UK news where normally news presenter at end says Now over the Nations and news rooms where you are
    But it was Now across the Nation to the news teams where you are
    A very clever play on words
    One must assume Nation is deliberately deployed in the singular form
    Very interesting given the recent utterances from Busy Lizzie Truss about UK being one Nation
    Saturday different news reader
    Quote – Its now over to news teams wherever you are
    Ditto for Sunday
    This is what the puppet masters refer to as ” putting the flag up the pole ”
    Watch this space

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  3. Yes I noticed the lack of mention of who actually runs the Council on any of the BBC Scotland and National news. Indeed, Anas Sarwar was surprisingly absent as well, including large rat stage props.

    Now if that was an SNP led Council. I wonder what the BBC would do 🙂

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  5. So Labour, lying scheming party HQ’d in London, are going to take the credit for 5% pay rise…which I am sure will be accepted. Labour Tory council should be taken to court for deliberately endangering public health and the environment. Even my (no voters in 2014) know what Labour/Tory are up to, with there sleakit tactics…


  6. It is absolutely clear that England’s Tories are 100% responsible for the mess we are in.
    Their incompetence and ideologically driven privatisation agenda have left ordinary people at the mercy (or rather lack of) of global corporations.
    Coming down the road are selling off the UK cities to private corporations which will further disempower ordinary people.
    Instead of electing politicians to represent us we are going to see local overlords appointed by a board of directors accountable to the stock market and no one else.
    In effect back to feudal times where democracy is seen as a threat to the establishment and their ability to make a fast buck for themselves and their friends.

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