BBC Scotland only interested in rubbish in SNP Glasgow as it piles up in Labour/Tory Edinburgh

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Not for the first time, BBC UK produces a report that BBC Scotland won’t touch. Readers will remember the dirty blanket coverage of a single full bin and of Anas Sarwar with his GMB associates posing gleefully beside it as Cop26 in SNP Glasgow loomed.

BBC UK are reporting today some really big heaps in Labour/Tory-run and Sarwar-free Edinburgh.

Here’s how BBC Scotland is covering it:

We saw a similar contrast last year between BBC coverage of rubbish strikes in SNP Glasgow and in Labour Sheffield:

Planned industrial action by bin workers in Sheffield has been suspended to allow them to consider an improved offer from their employer.

GMB members at Veolia Sheffield had voted to strike over pay and changes to their terms and conditions.

The action had been due to take place on Monday and would have affected more than 200,000 homes in Sheffield, according to the union.

The union said members would vote on the new pay deal next week.

It said the two-year deal would give workers a 3% rise in the first year and a further 3% the following year.

But in Glasgow:

A strike by refuse staff and street cleaners in Glasgow has started, as world leaders arrive for the COP26 climate summit.

GMB Scotland said members in the city council’s cleansing department would be striking for the next week.

The union accused the council of failing to give members “proper time and space” to consider an offer from local authority body Cosla.

Cosla proposed a pay rise of 5.8% for the lowest paid staff as part of a £1,062 increase for staff earning below £25,000.

So a 3% rise in Sheffield stops a strike but 5.8% in Glasgow doesn’t. Sheffield Council is Labour-run. Could that be a factor?

5 thoughts on “BBC Scotland only interested in rubbish in SNP Glasgow as it piles up in Labour/Tory Edinburgh

    1. The GMB’s Chris Mitchell ( aka the Big Rat ) should be pressuring his mate , Sarwar , to get in front of the cameras to embarrass the Labour/Tory Council in Edinburgh .
      Why are the Labour Party so reluctant to highlight the repercussions of the actions of many Labour controlled Councils ? ( rhetorical !)


      1. There is no ‘reluctance’ involved. As far as Labour is concerned, ‘handsome is as handsome does’. If a Labour Council does one thing in one area, then ipso facto, it is correct, if a Council under a different leadership does the same thing elsewhere, it is wrong.


  1. THIs is TRUELY sickening
    BBC Scotland are enthusiastically BIASED AGAINS GLASGOW



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