Pollution warnings at 40 ‘British’ beaches but only 1* in Scotland

The above is headlining on BBC UK. It’s not being covered by Reporting Scotland, though you can be sure they’re scouring for a dirty Scottish beach as I write, but in December 2021 from SEPA:

Only 1 out of 85 sites failed, 1.17%. The 32 excellent sites is the highest in the past six years and nearly twice the 2015/16 number.

*1 site failed, in 2021, a massive improvement from 17 down to 1.

In the same year, DEFRA claim for England, 93% excellent or good, up from only 28%, 30 years ago, compared to only 67% in Scotland. Why am I less than convinced? Have the Cons improved water quality there by just changing the standards? Not entirely lethal is now Good?

In a telling comment below their claims:

Ray Walton posted on 02 June 2021: Don’t agree….Hence, why UK rivers now ‘fail’ chemical and water quality standards mainly due to the EA/DEFRA hierarchy ‘deliberately and continuously’ lowering standards, changing monitoring formats to suit/cover up their failings and by moving the pollution goalposts…outwards, to tick their own boxes. Nothing’s ever changed since privatisation in 1989 and it has got worse. It all ends up in the Sea and on Beaches. Untreated Raw Sewage is also directly discharged into the sea…. all authorised and permitted by the EA. What about the disease contamination and infection risks(including Covid-19 and its variants) to the public and all river and sea users. Surely, you have a ‘Duty of Care’ regarding public ‘Heath and Safety’. from discharged untreated Raw Sewage, which you yourselves authorise and permit?


Today’s BBC UK news headlines tell me it was right to be sceptical about the DEFRA report last year – a cover-up.

Why have so few Scottish beaches failed?

What other benefits are there from nationalised water?

2015, I know. Update appreciated.

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8 thoughts on “Pollution warnings at 40 ‘British’ beaches but only 1* in Scotland

  1. Do not despair – the Tories ”Levelling Up” project will soon allow us in Scotland to ‘enjoy’ ”The Union Dividend ” ensuring that , we too , can get our fair share of Rees Mogg’s ”Brexit Benefits ” and see our seas as murky as England’s .


    1. Do you mean the English governments’ intention to dismantle Holyrood, or their internal market act whereby they intend to overule and overide the democratically elected government in Scotland on major decisions on health, infrastructure, and public services, such as keeping Scottish water out of the clutches of profiteering foreign governments and private profiteers.
      Covid was a gift for the English government and other Brexiteers, now they can’t hide behind it and the catastrophe in England is only just starting to become apparent. The sh**s going to hit the fan very soon, nevermind it being dumped into England’s rivers and sea.


  2. When water was being privatised in England and Wales in 1989, the Tories and their media lackeys told us how privatisation would bring ‘much needed investment’ in the water industry. They reported that investment had been neglected for years. And, who neglected it? Successive Westminster Governments, of course.

    And why would private companies put investment before profit? Privatised companies, we were told, have to ‘compete’ and so have an interest in ensuring the highest standards. But, there is no competition; single privatised companies have been appointed to supply water in particular areas. Ah, but we have set up OfWat, which will ensure the standards are met. So, there is no ‘competition’. OfWat will provide competition by setting standards and having the ability to enforce penalties on companies.

    But the companies have factored in the expense of paying penalties in their business plans and so pass on the penalties to consumers. Ah, but Directors and Boards of Management have a duty to maximise shareholder value. This is sound management and sound management is what public utilities have not had.

    So, consumers are paying more for water but there is no improvement in infrastructure? The important thing is that water is ‘profitable’ and who is going to complain about profit after years of loss making nationalised water, with communist trade unions and members doing as little work as possible – the laziest workers in the world.

    Thanks for explaining this to a thicko like me.

    Why is Scottish Water not privatised?????????


    1. ‘Why is Scottish Water not privatised?’ presume a rhetorical question but just in case, it’s because the SNP were voted in just as Labour UK at Holyrood were intending to sell the water off lock stock and barrel. Far as I know the non domestic part of Scottish Water was sold off by Labour, not sure quite how that works out, but try washing your hands in a supermarket loo facility and you get about two drops of water to do so.


  3. Rees-Mogg’s fish will be happy, they love a bit of raw sewage for their t,
    50 odd years ago an old salmon fisherman told me that, when he was preparing a mullet he had caught in Montrose Basin a “hale human shite” was in it’s guts as he cut it open, he threw it away in disgust an he never ate another mullet.


  4. The “beaches” story has origins in “Data analysed by the Liberal Democrats found that many monitoring devices had either not been installed or do not work “90% of the time” “, so I’d treat the figure of 40 with considerable caution.
    The “monitoring devices” in reality only record the start and end of a spill event, so don’t give a measure of the pollution discharged, the actual evidence of pollution is gathered by researchers and environmentalists, frequently clashing with the PR rep of the offender and being referred to DEFRA for further comment, viz a scam..

    SEPA samples the environment regularly to check for pollution then chase down the source to see what remedy can be effected, a body rarely given the recognition it deserves, even if it hosts the occasional fruitcake – It is rare for SEPA to have to resort to legal enforcement to effect change, as it’s all about being stewards of OUR environment, even the most thrawn pig farmer can be embarrassed by that, and I knew such a one.
    Contrast that with the chicanery to hide the escalating pollution of England’s waterways and seas, and you can tell there is not the same ethos, not stewards of the world we live in, but stewards of profit, the rest is somebody else’s problem.

    Scotland began addressing separation of foul and storm water from the 1970’s onward, 50 years later we’re better able to weather the increasing storms headed our way. It’s far from perfect, but work to do so constantly revises priority projects, it’s the way Scots roll.
    Meanwhile England floods, then runs out of water, HMG is still looking at and suffering from the same problem 30 years later but seek someone else to blame as a solution… Just my 2c – Mirrors are cheap.


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