There’s a thought on refuse: ‘Is it the Labour-Conservative council?’

Interviewed by STV News last night but studiously ignored by Reporting Scotland, comedian Jo Caulfield wonders if the ‘Labour-Conservative council’ might be responsible for the unholy mess in Edinburgh.

Wow! No one else has ever been allowed to think that on Scotland’s MSM. BBC Scotland has been carefully avoiding any such impression that a Labour council could be to blame for something so messy and suggesting that the Labour-Tory alliances, denied by Anas Sarwar, are actually real and creating chaos deliberately in the hope of passing the blame on to the SNP Government.

Remember, Labour voted with the Tories on COSLA to oppose a 5% settlement which the SNP Government had just funded. Was Scottish Labour prepared to have this chaos just to delay the unions in responding to the 5% offer in the hope of a scalp?


8 thoughts on “There’s a thought on refuse: ‘Is it the Labour-Conservative council?’

  1. ” Having a Scalp ”
    The only scalps to be taken
    Are those standing for any election under a Labour or Tory ticket

    We gonna need a big display case
    Let the whole world see what becomes of traitorous activities

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  2. Yes, I saw the interview as it was broadcast and I thought that this is how real journalists ought to interview. Jo Caulfield was superb and stated her views clearly and unequivocally. Mark Thomas, who has organised a gig to provide funds for the council workers was equally forthright and explicit. When I saw Reporting Scotland, it was bland barely informative stuff with no mention of support from Fringe performers. On Ch4 News we had yet another of the ‘Isn’t Scotland such a shithole reports from creepy Ciaran Jenkins.

    There is substantial industrial action by working people in all parts of the UK – even barristers at the Old Bailey, whom the BBC called ‘criminal’ lawyers:sneakily ambiguous – and the media are trying to avoid reporting it with any seriousness, concentrating on ‘vox pops’ by a few disgruntled commuters. We had one by a city chap being scathing about the fact that train drivers can earn £58k per year – probably a fraction of his bonus for money laundering.

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  3. Walked down the High Street in Edinburgh at c. midday today, past St Giles and all the street performers and Fringe leafleters. Place is packed with visitors. Good atmosphere!

    Some people are doing a remarkable job in keeping the place clean and tidy despite the industrial dispute – Fringe organisers, Fringe performers and/or others, I don’t know who. Successful effort tho’!

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    1. Yes I have noticed even in our street and area, bins r full but not so untidy nor many bags on the streets…people maybe saving rubbish for after the (Labour created) strike action, and mayb some are going round cleaning up…or maybe Labour are employing people who are going out late at night to tidy up so it doesn’t make them look quite as bad? It’s still not great and recycling is off for now, but, interesting not as bad as could be or was a few days ago. Maybe some BBC lackeys have been going round tidying up lol!


      1. ArtyHetty
        Shhhhhhhhsh !
        You just might be inadvertently feeding Ideas
        To The Bams and Heid the baws in mad section of Deperate Unionists
        But not to tidy up
        But burst the bags and scatter accordingly
        All to Scream
        Look at this SNP mess


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