BBC Scotland’s fearful Disclosure team find 0.0026% of something is bad in Scotland in psychiatric hospitals across Scotland. That’s according to an ‘investigation’ by BBC Scotland’s Disclosure. At least 40 people have been stuck in hospital for more than ten years and 15 people for more than 20 years.

There are an estimated 120,000 people who have a learning disability in Scotland. Learning disability is lifelong and affects around 1 in 50 people. There are around 26,786 adults who have a learning disability known to local authorities across Scotland.,to%20local%20authorities%20across%20Scotland.

Drawing on data from the Scottish Census 2011:

  • 13,666 (0.6%) adults aged 16-64 years and 698 (0.1%) adults aged 65 years and over in Scotland were known to have autism
  • 17,348 (1.9%) children aged 0-15 years were known to have autism.

When I saw that word ‘dozens’ my sampling ear twitched. So, out of 150 000 people estimated to have learning disabilities, around 40 are ‘stuck in hospitals?’ That’s 0.0026%. Here’s a thought. Might a small number of such cases be best dealt with in the security and staffing levels you get in hospitals? They interview only 4 I gather. Either way, it’s a teeny teeny sample.

Disclosure Scotland have a pathetic track record of pursuing soft topics like this. While BBC Wales investigates terrorism, they pursue old folk in care homes or get lost following a lorryload of calves to Spain.

See these:

To read more of their not-so-daring investigations see:


11 thoughts on “BBC Scotland’s fearful Disclosure team find 0.0026% of something is bad in Scotland

  1. Some people with LD’s when put out to live in the community become quite lonely. Some of them end back in the home. IMHO living in a community in a home where there is companionship and activity is the best place for many.


  2. Sorry about this John but thought you might be interested in this one as well another devious Tory sleight against Scotland.

    EXCLUSIVE: Grant Shapps in ‘secret communication’ over sanction-busting Russia flight from Inverness

    A senior Tory government minister discussed sensitive information linked to a controversial flight from Inverness to Moscow after Russia invaded Ukraine, we can reveal.

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  3. Aye that’s HMS James Cook for you, dogged in it’s pursuit of the negative and absence of context…

    This morning it’s in prime position on the BBC/Scotland web-page as “The patients locked in secure hospitals for decades”.
    From the opening “Scots with learning disabilities and autism have been locked in secure hospitals and psychiatric wards for decades, a BBC investigation has found”, the framing is obvious.


  4. I saw the poor news reader as per the image, reading out the “Dozens of.. “.

    You could tell from her body language that this was just more tripe they expect make me read out.


  5. O/T As the dust settles after the publication of the Scottish school exam results you may remember how the corporate media and BBC Scotland aggregated and amplified spurious comparisons between 2022 results with the previous ‘pandemic years’.

    The results for England are due shortly and the BBC News website is getting ahead of their publication with positive framing and also a simple explanation of context. It has an article headlined: ‘A-levels: Students told most will get first-choice university place’

    And then in an early paragraph: ‘… the marks should not be compared with those from 2021.’

    The all so helpful BBC, opting to inform and educate part of its audience. How hard would it have been for BBC Scotland to emphasise, straightforwardly, the same blindingly obvious point? We’ll see what is written/said by opposition politicians and the BBC when the full exam results are published but is the ground being prepared by the public service broadcaster?

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  6. Journalists have always had a hard time with the month of August.
    Parliaments (both of them) are in recess so they are deprived of the usual cut n’ thrust of daily politics.
    FOI requests probably constitute a significant part of the average journo’s working day whilst other juicy titbits are to be found on the Twittersphere.
    Personally … I much prefer the old maxim.. ” The De’il finds work for idle hands.”


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