Why has UK Government and now the EU pulled plug on West Lothian vaccine which can best cope with Covid mutations?

Thanks to Scott for alerting me to this.

A vaccine which is uniquely equipped to fight mutations in the Covid virus, funded at first by the UK Government to the tune of £214 million and then by Scottish Enterprise at £12.5 million is top be terminated.

I wrote about this vaccine back in November 2021 after the UK Government cancelled its contract:

I’m grateful, once more, to reader Clydebuilt for drawing my attention to this report ,suggesting that the Livingston Valneva vaccine, cancelled by the UK Government in September, may be the best yet.

Why might it have the edge?

From aljazeera.com on 9 November 2021:

Rather than induce an immune response that targets just the spike protein of the coronavirus, the Valneva vaccine, also known as VLA2001, stimulates an immune response to the entire virus, and that might just give it an edge over its competitors.

It is different in that it uses the tried and tested method of taking the whole of the coronavirus and inactivating it so that it can no longer cause illness. It then combines with an adjuvant, a substance that helps it enter human cells effectively.

A similar technique is used to make flu and polio vaccines. The idea is that by introducing a whole coronavirus into the human body, albeit one which has been inactivated and cannot cause illness, the immune system will recognise the whole virus as foreign and not just the spike proteins. This will give a much broader immune response and increase the memory cells that can recognise different parts of the virus should the vaccinated individual become infected with the real coronavirus.

The company say the advantage to this is that should any mutations arise on the spike protein that render it unrecognisable to the vaccine, the Valneva-induced immune response is broad enough to be able to recognise other parts of the virus so the immune reaction will still be effective.


When are we getting it? We’re not, because:

A Covid-19 vaccine slated to be made in Scotland by French firm Valneva would not have gained UK regulatory approval, health secretary Sajid Javid has said.

Mr Javid was speaking in parliament the day after the UK government scrapped a deal for Valneva’s Covid-19 vaccine.

He said: “There are commercial reasons that we have cancelled the contract, but what I can tell her is that it was also clear to us that the vaccine in question that the company was developing would not get approval by the MHRA [The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency ] here in the UK,” he said in response to a question from Scottish National Party MP Hannah Bardell, whose constituency is Livingston.


Why did the UK Government cancel it?

As you can see above, Sajid Javid claimed it was actually less effective, perhaps even unsafe, yet by October phase three trial results indicated it was safe and effective and by early November, Valneva had EU approval, were seeking an apology and threatening to sue Javid. Now we hear it is probably a better vaccine the the others, perhaps especially, the AZ developed very quickly in the UK?

Remember how the EU expressed concerns about the UK-developed vaccine and were slow in approving it? Remember what else was happening?

  • UK sending a gunboat to Jersey and the French then threatening to cut off electricity to the island.
  • The UK ‘betraying’ France over an Australian submarine deal.
  • The Scottish Government being told to stay out of COP26 and the cancellation of a ‘shovel-ready’ carbon capture project.
  • UK Government bypassing SG on funding of infrastructure projects in local areas.

I’m sure readers will have more on this.


6 thoughts on “Why has UK Government and now the EU pulled plug on West Lothian vaccine which can best cope with Covid mutations?

  1. I didn’t know that S.Javid was a vaccines expert. or might it happen to be a political move. No ? required.
    Let’s see if a very similar vaccine is produced in Oxford soon though I think the English government sold off the state funded labs there last year.

    If was a political move by the English government, they really would be stooping very low, but they are playing dirty when it comes to Scotland so it’s to be expected really. Dangerous times for Scotland, and for our friends next door.

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  2. This is just another attempt to destroy Scottish industry they want to keep us impoverished and easy to control. Simply Narcissistic Imperialism in action. Everthing that cant be hived of to England is destroyed.

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  3. Javid’s preposterous assertion had only one intention, to depress the company’s share price, and cast doubt on the viability of their investment in Livingston – Contract cancellation was likely under pressure from competing pharma companies or Tory donors or both…

    Valneva will probably withdraw from the UK and produce the vaccine elsewhere, but Javid’s obvious chicanery will have caused enormous reputational damage to the UK for prospective investors…


  4. The Valneva vaccine received regulatory approval in the UK earlier this year.

    The EU cancelled its contract with Valneva for 60 million doses earlier this year but is still buying 1.25 million doses. Reasons cited included: having sufficient doses of other vaccines and apparent public resistance to the ‘old tech’s vaccines. Valneva has approval for its vaccines from UAE and Bahrain but the size of the contracts dont exactly make continued production a viable option



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