BBC audience confused as crop failure amid drought warning comes amid Scotland facing a right drookin’

From cuckooshoe

The BBC Scotland headline..

“Water scarcity: Crop failure warning as ban comes into force in Fife”

The quote..

“The National Farmers Union (NFU) said it was devastating for agriculture.”

And then there’s the elephant in the room..

“It comes as Scotland faces a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms on Sunday and Monday.”


8 thoughts on “BBC audience confused as crop failure amid drought warning comes amid Scotland facing a right drookin’

  1. Hi John, Typical BBC just like the SP.

    Covid vaccine firm backed by Scots ministers halts production after orders slashed
    A pharmaceutical firm given millions of pounds by Scottish Enterprise to develop and produce a Covid vaccine has suspended its manufacture.

    You never see a big spread like that regarding the PPE waste nor the investigation into the likes of Mone more or less saying the SNP wasted money.

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  2. Yep, rain rain rain on it’s way..get the wellies oot! I liked the warm and dry weather, saves on energy bills for heating and drying claithes etc.
    England needn’t have such a devastating drought if their water had not been sold off lock stock and barrel, and thereby mismanaged, in fact totally neglected.
    England’s water is owned by various countries across the globe, and many private companies spanning the globe. Not a good scenario to say the least.

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  3. The headline might not be as ‘confusing’ as you think. If the thunderstorms arrive as forecast then the heavy rain may flatten the crop making it difficult to harvest thus reducing the yield and possibly leading to a degree of ‘rot’ because it cannot dry out. The other problem with heavy downpours after a drought is run-off. If the ground is baked hard then the first fall of rain may run off thus not being absorbed by the soil and so reducing what is available to ‘feed’ the crop

    It may also be rain is at the wrong time to maximise the growth of the crop. Potatoes for example need rain at a specific point in their growth. Failure to get this soaking at the right time may affect the size of the potato and the overall yield.

    It is in the lap of the gods as to how much rain actually gets into the ground.

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  4. Hi John just noticed that in the Guardian today (Monday 15th August) there is an article on water in England and Wales which has a couple of cracking facts:

    One is that E&W are the only counties in the world to have privatised water supply and the other is that Scottish Water have invested 35% more per household than the water companies in E&W!


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