Scotland’s business leaders are calling on the Scottish Government for more support not the Chancellor of the Exchequer?

From cuckooshoe

Have I got this right?

The Bank of England has just put interest rates up from 1.25% to 1.75% this week, inflation is set to reach to 13% by the end of the year, there is a real possibility of the energy price cap reaching £4000 in January, the UK expected to entering a recession in the next quarter and staying in a recession until the end of 2023 and Scotland’s business leaders are calling on the Scottish Government for more support not the Chancellor of the Exchequer?

I looked at the other parts of the massive BBC website to find out if businesses from other parts of the UK were also calling for more support and there was nothing.

Tonight Nicola Sturgeon has just retweeted this by Sebastian Payne.

Let’s be blunt – given how acute the economic crisis is, this will be tantamount to leaving many people without food and heating this winter. If the UK government won’t act to protect those most vulnerable, it must give devolved governments tax/welfare/borrowing powers to do so

— Nicola Sturgeon (@NicolaSturgeon) August 5, 2022

Scotland’s business leaders best hope for more support is the First Minister’s demand for more tax, welfare and borrowing powers.

Will they support her?

From stewartb

I checked on a few business organisations in Scotland looking to find an answer to your question. Despite all that’s going on in terms of the economic and business environment, and all that’s happening politically in terms of policy propositions from Tory candidates to be the next PM, the dates of most recent press releases are perhaps surprising:

– the Federation of Small Businesses in Scotland = 28 July 2022

– the Scottish Chambers of Commerce = 27 July 2022

– CBI Scotland = 1 March 2022.

Cat got their tongues?


4 thoughts on “Scotland’s business leaders are calling on the Scottish Government for more support not the Chancellor of the Exchequer?


    Now want Scotlands help yet say sod all to their handmasters

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  2. It is not only Business ”leaders ” who have no concept of who holds the purse strings .
    Trade Unions in Scotland are collectively calling for the Scottish Government to provide more funds to meet pay demands , ignoring the financial facts that Westminster Governments provide the FIXED budget for Scotland .
    Yes , they deserve a better deal , but which part of the Scottish budget would they want the financial secretary to rob to pay them ?
    Would they , perhaps , be encouraged in their ignorance by the Scottish Labour ”leader ” who has previous in using unions to make his petty party political points .

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    1. Westminster doesn’t ‘provide’ Scotland with anything, they remove Scotland’s massive revenues and send a few crumbs back, but yes, not a lot of people know that. It needs pointing out daily at the Scottish parliament and by all independence folk online then maybe it will sink in or simply get to the people who need to know that. Scotland’s been robbed to the tune of £trillions, plenty more of that freebie to take, and the English treasury will have their greedy eyes on more of Scotland’s oil etc, to weather the storm of their catastrophic Brexit.
      Run, Scotland.

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  3. How many of the business leaders supported No to Independence and voted Tory for Brexit. Too many. Now wanting more support. Interest rates and inflation going up. Scotland suffering from Westminster bad decision and poor policies, especially Brexit. The nearest biggest market. CAP payments, grants and loans of investment in renewables etc.

    Fishermen and farmers voted Tory and Brexit. Now regretting it and wanting more support. They would not listen to advice and carried on regardless. Scottish revenues and resources still being mismanaged by Westminster. Yet the gullible still carry on relentless. Instead of a vote in their, and Scotland, best interests. They should be supporting the Scottish Gov and Independence to get the best support in return.

    The Westminster Gov does not care. Or they would not be taking everyone’s taxes and borrowing but giving enough that helps back to those who need it. Despite having the means and opportunity.

    The Scottish Gov have to mitigate the Westminster mess. Not having the full range of powers to help the economy and give more support. They have to do the best they can without the proper levers of power. Restricted by Devolution.

    £Billions go down to Westminster Treasury to be abused and misused. Not in Scotland’s interest. The Barnett Formula. 1/6 of Scottish revenues is mismanaged by Westminster. They borrow and spend what they like in the rest of the UK. Scotland does not benefit but has to pay the interest.

    The vast Oil & Gas profits will be taxed. 20% corporation + 10% supplementary. 30% tax on the profits. 1/3. Tax and NI 20% of wages. Capital gains tax on any share deals. Westminster takes half of North Sea production. The tax could be higher depending on Oil/Gas prices. To offset any extravagant accumulations.

    Previously when Oil/Gas prices/profits were high. They were taxed as high as 80%. The tax should be according to prices/profits. In the 1980s+ the Oil/Price profits were high they were tax as high 80%. Thatcher/Brown etc.

    The Westminster Treasury were getting £10/12Billion of tax & revenues, a year, from North Sea exploration and production. Even more in NI, wages tax and VAT in the industry. Scotland budget was cut to the bone. Thatcher etc secretly and illegally took all the revenues to fund London S/E. Inflation was 18% Interest rates were 15%. NI 20% unemployment. Scotland 15% unemployment.

    The only place unemployment was under 10% was in London S/E. The miners strike. The violence and riots. The Poll tax finished Thatcher off. Tommy Sheridan stopped warrant sales in Scotland. Devolution aided the Scottish economy. Westminster being held to account. The UK joined the EU in the 70s to aid the economy.

    Now the EU advantages are being taken away, especially for Scotland. The nearest, biggest market. 450 million pop. CAP payments keeping food prices down. EU grants and loans to invest in renewables etc. Keeping prices down. Salmon one of the biggest export now held up at Dover. Along with other perishable goods. Extra taxes on goods being demanded if ordered in or out of the EU. Reciprocal treaties for goods and services now abandoned through lose of membership.

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