Bias by omission: ‘Rough sleeping’ in Scotland is around half the level of England ‘as a result’ of Scottish Government actions

Despite actually referring to the desire to eradicate rough sleeping in Scotland, there’s not a word in this Herald report of this important contextual fact:

Worst forms of homelessness less common in Scotland than England, research finds

Rates of the worst forms of homelessness are significantly lower in Scotland than in England, new research from Heriot-Watt University has found.

The 2021 Homelessness Monitor Scotland – commissioned by homelessness charity Crisis and led by Heriot-Watt University – provides the most in-depth study of homelessness in GB. 

The research found that the rate of ‘core homelessness’, which includes people rough sleeping, using unsuitable temporary accommodation such as B&Bs, sofa surfing or sleeping in garages or industrial premises, was almost twice as high in England than in Scotland.

Overall it found that 0.94% of households in England were experiencing a form of core homelessness, compared with 0.66% in Wales and 0.57% in Scotland, with the report identifying Scottish homelessness and housing policy as one cause of lower rates.

Researchers found that since 2012 England has had consistently higher rates of ‘core’ homelessness than both Scotland and Wales, with rates growing faster in England over that time.

These findings are a result of homelessness being a long-term priority for the Scottish Government. Recent progress was made when the Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Group (HARSAG), chaired by Crisis Chief Executive Jon Sparkes, was formed to examine what further action could be taken to tackle rough sleeping and end homelessness in Scotland.,one%20cause%20of%20lower%20rates.

4 thoughts on “Bias by omission: ‘Rough sleeping’ in Scotland is around half the level of England ‘as a result’ of Scottish Government actions

  1. What pains most of all is that Scotland’s successes are seldom and fully recognised nationally by the MSM and especially BBC Scotland. The IVF treatment success is typical and feeds the negative narrative that the MSM wants Scots to feel about themselves. The hardwork, sheer professionalism and dedication especially of our NHS staff is downplayed at every opportunity and a discredit to all in journalism.

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  2. O/T and with potential for more bias by omission? BBC Radio 4 this morning (6 August) has this on its The Briefing Room programme:

    ‘Scotland has the worst figures for drug-related deaths anywhere in Europe. According to National Records for Scotland, 1,330 drug users died in 2021 – a slight improvement, but a death rate per capita which is still 4.8 times higher than England’s. Why do so many Scots die from drugs? And what more can be done to prevent it?

    ‘Joining David Aaronovitch in The Briefing Room are:
    James Cook, BBC Scotland Editor
    Kirsten Horsburgh, Director of Operations at the Scottish Drugs Forum
    Andrew McAuley, Glasgow Caledonian University
    Professor Catriona Matheson, University of Stirling
    Professor Alex Stevens, University of Kent’


    I hope these experts can provide an informative, objective and appropriately contextualised account. However I do wonder if record numbers of deaths in England will be mentioned? I wonder if they will ponder why deaths in NE England are twice as high as the rate for the whole of England and three times that of London – despite the same policy regime across England after 12 years of Tory government? Or will these facts be for another BBC programme sometime never?

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  3. I can hardly walk along the street of an evening without smelling dope and seeing dope heads at the moment, even saw one of them with their English boss recently, overheard the conversation. Next time I’ll call the police.
    I suspect drugs are being taken into Scottish cities even more now it fits the BritNat narrative. England has a huge drugs problem now and it’s clear why, the pushers have moved in big time. They prey on the unemployed, those who have no opportunities or prospects. Drugs are big business, it needs tackling from the top, the English police are no doubt too busy to bother.


  4. From the Master propagandist
    ” It not the truth you tell the people,It is what you do not tell them that is of highest order
    Why because the people are far more dangerous a ennemy to our cause than you shall ever encounter upon the field of battle ”
    The Bosses of ABC ( BBC ) and the MSM,fully know such
    This by default qualifies all of them as none other than


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