James Cook says he is impartial! Ho ho….

(c) BBC

A post from stewartb pricked my memory on BBC Scotland Editor James Cook:

Anyone listen to – have a view on the content of – today’s Radio 4 Feedback programme? Is it worth a listen? It featured this: ‘The BBC Scotland Editor James Cook explains how he manages to remain impartial, as the independence issue heats up again north of the border.’ Note the wording here: seems the assumption is that there just is ‘impartiality’ – that’s a given, it is the BBC after all!

James Cook and impartiality is a theme I’ve often commented on. See these (link at bottom):

For more: https://talkingupscotlandtwo.com/?s=James+Cook


7 thoughts on “James Cook says he is impartial! Ho ho….

  1. Regular readers may wish to contribute to my wee fundraiser to raise money to purchase a new dictionary for James Cook .
    Clearly he is using the default BBC Scotlandshire dictionary which has certain limitations e.g
    UK = England
    Britain = England
    Scotland = failed state .

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    1. Scotland is not even recognised as having nation status by the British nationalist state. It’s clear which one is in a state, ie, a complete mess, and it isn’t Scotland because the two Scottish parties in the Scottish parliament are so far, against massive odds, soon to be humongous odds, working in the interests of their own country.

      Tory talk about removing powers from the Scottish parliament in education and health is extremely sinister. Direct rule is no doubt at the forefront of their fascist minds, Scotland cannot allow them to take over education and health in Scotland, they, as with Scottish law, have always been independent of the English systems and must stay that way.


  2. The BBC are gas lighting the people of Scotland, and Glenn Campbell is utterly deluded he acts like a nasty bully when it comes to interviewing Nicola Sturgeon. I guess he has to cope with the guilt of shafting his own country somehow.


    1. There was a clip recently which opened from the studio to a grinning Glenn Campbell, his facial expression changed within seconds as he switched to BBC Scotland mode, dour serious, the end is nigh, and it’s that SNP’s fault….
      Go to the Fringe, better actors and decidedly more upbeat…


  3. Aye – HMS James Cook nowadays…
    I was most grateful to Stewart for providing a link to the piece, as not being in country it is a little more difficult to locate.
    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0019rrx , if you wish to skip the rest to the subject, I suggest listening from about 18 minutes in.

    Cook’s bullshitting begins about 21 minutes in with the absurd claim to “…strive for accuracy first and foremost and then secondly fairness…” – To any who have observed his work over the years, this is quite an astonishing claim having conducted an interview in which he purported to have read a non-existent email.

    With the majority of R4 listeners being in England, they would not have a clue how the BBC operate in Scotland, but I’m sure would be horrified to learn of the antics of Cook’s predecessor Agent Smith, a legacy James Cook continues.

    They would equally not be aware that the BBC headline in Scotland this morning was “Sunak says ignoring SNP would be dangerously complacent” whereas for the UK it was “Rishi Sunak: No hope of election win if inflation sticks”, very evidently the BBC controlling the narrative depending on the politics….
    Journalism ? 🤣 Propaganda ? 🙄


  4. Feel better do not watch the BBC. Or have better selection. Especially avoid the ‘news reporting’. A very low audience rate, especially in Scotland. Few viewers. £5Billion for so much nonsense. It is being cut back. Including 24hour news propaganda. It is being amalgamated with other BBC news channels.

    There is more information on the internet that can be exchanged and informed. BBC is so out of touch trying to keep out of reality. Totally biased UK Gov propaganda Influenced by Westminster.

    The MSM in the UK is right wing. Murdoch etc criminals breaking business laws. Westminster Gov is supposed to ensure a fair and balanced free Press. It does not. Without a fair and free Press there is no democracy. The MSM Press owners are non Dom tax evaders. Totally biased to ensure they can keep on evading tax and causing havoc.

    Thatcher gave the Press over to right wing Murdoch and totally denied it. She was supposed to be impartial. Hand in glove they ruined the economy. Supported illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Thatcher set up the tax havens. They became £Million/Billionaires. Destroying the world for personal profit. Ruining people’s lives. Phone hacking, bribing officials, surveilling and threatening people. All illegal activities.

    Murdoch a US business citizen should not have been bribing officials anywhere in the world. Breaking US and International Law. Supporting illegal wars and the deaths of millions of people. For personal gain. Giving electoral support to corrupt charlatans. Instead of holding them to account.


  5. Telegraph Barclay brothers. Family in disarray. One brother dead. The other involved in monumental divorce. Being pursued by ex wife. Will not cough up the legal settlement. Pleading poverty. He is threatened with going to jail for contempt. . Contempt for other people. Put Thatcher up at the Ritz when everyone deserted her. After the harm done to the economy and the citizens. Major tax evaders. Contempt for other people. Enough is never enough for some. Ending up in jail.


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