SNP pandemic measures and popular trust continue to pay off in reduced deaths

While, it’s clear that full independence has paid off, in lives saved, for those otherwise comparable neighbours – Ireland, Denmark and Norway – devolution has enabled the SNP Government to save many lives by its quicker reactions, clear signalling and and greater popular trust.

Being shackled to a maniac is always going to limit your ability to stay out of trouble.

7 thoughts on “SNP pandemic measures and popular trust continue to pay off in reduced deaths

  1. Covid medicines are not under the control of SMC which normally handles medicines for Scotland. 50000 immunocompromised Scots could benefit from Evusheld covid antibody treatment approved by MHRA but blocked by UKHSA. A disproportionate number of deaths are among the immunocompromised.

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    1. Not sure if it’s happened yet, but the EngGov plan to sell off the vaccine and research centre in Oxford to big pharma. They have their dirty mits on the way in which vaccines could be developed for future pandemics etc, how scary.

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  2. Come the next pandemic , if we are still in this Union , there will be NO devolved response to mitigate the disastrous profit-driven Westminster/Tory strategy .

    Sunak , and he is not alone in this , has only yesterday announced his intentions to by-pass the Scottish Government in matters Scottish .
    He will probably put Baroness Mone in charge of PPE , Nadine Dorries as director of Communications and Boris Johnson as Entertainments Minister with responsibility for cheering up the relatives of the deceased .

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  3. None but the usual suspects can doubt SG’s handling of the pandemic was way more effective than HMG, but it was not just ONE maniac in charge.

    I remain sceptical over Covid figures for England being so low as presented, but there is little doubt what ailed England soon ailed Wales, NI, Scotland and to an extent Ireland.

    Excess deaths however are beyond “influence”, and IIRC when the FT graphed these, a glaring disparity between excess deaths and Covid attributed to England appeared – This implied some secondary cause of death had been running in parallel to Covid, or the figures were inaccurate.

    Euromomo is a handy source of information, with graphing of results available for ready comparison across all Europe and beyond.
    The z graphs for excess deaths make for interesting comparison on these countries as it’s easier to see the ripple effect on peaks over time.
    Insert Spain in the comparison and you can see a further ripple effect.
    From the first wave of Covid onward, the spikes in Spain and England followed in uncanny fashion and were the highest in Europe.


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