‘Better than we could have dreamed’: The Ukrainians living a life of luxury on cruise ship in Scotland

Two weeks ago, in the Express it was this:

Outrage as Nicola Sturgeon forces Ukraine refugees onto CRUISE SHIP in ‘betrayal’ of plan

Three days ago, it was this:

Sturgeon’s cruise ship with rooms smaller than prison cells takes first Ukrainian refugees

and even the Guardian went with:

Calls for Ukrainians living on cruise ship in Scotland to be quickly rehoused. MS Victoria is temporary solution to host refugees but there are concerns about small rooms and seasickness

Seasickness in harbour?

Today, BBC Scotland cannot bear to headline the awful truth, for them, of life on the cruise ship but the content differs somewhat from the other headlines and stories.

Refugees told BBC Scotland they were impressed by the facilities on the ship chartered by the Scottish government.

They began moving on to the vessel on Tuesday. It could accommodate up to 1,700 people in total.

Onboard facilities include restaurants, children’s play areas with toys and books, shops, a laundry, support services and Wi-Fi access.

‘Better than we could have dreamed’

Nikol Bilous, 19, from Kyiv in Ukraine, told BBC Scotland: “The conditions on the ship are better than we could have dreamed of and we are very grateful to the Scottish people for this accommodation.

“There is Ukrainian TV channels which we were very surprised about as you never find that when you go on holiday.

“All the signs are in Ukrainian on the ship and most of the staff are Ukrainian.

“And last night we had Borscht beetroot soup, our national dish, we couldn’t believe it.

“We were so happy to have this as it is our hearts.”


There is no mention of prison cells.


12 thoughts on “‘Better than we could have dreamed’: The Ukrainians living a life of luxury on cruise ship in Scotland

  1. If ever we need reminded but it is times likes these that we should be very proud of our country and Government who have responded magnificently with compassion to the challenges posed by this War.

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  3. When I was young, the Scottish Daily Express was a popular, unmistakably Scottish, newspaper. Then it abruptly closed its Scottish operation and flitted down south.
    Many readers vowed never to buy this paper again.

    Why would people buy it anyway, as it has morphed into an English nationalist propaganda sheet, which views Scotland as a “possession”.

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    1. how about supporting shops that sell the National. often the front page (if uncovered) is the only counter to the MSM that people see in a day.


  4. A luxury cruise ship–how terrible! Typical Nats.

    I’m sure “Scottish” Labour could advice the refugees to seek shelter in one of the wonderous peripheral housing schemes the Labour party established for post-war housing.

    Leafy Barlanark, perhaps.
    The boulevards of Possil Park, obviously.
    I had a friend in the Navy, home on leave, who had acid thrown on his head in Castlemilk, by a total stranger.

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    1. Housing in Scotland post WW2 was not a priority, it was only just an afterthought and only built after they had built half decent social housing in England. I suspect the substandard housing was required to house the workers for Scotland’s growing industries which lined the UK coffers’ pockets.

      I was shocked to see Castlemilk when I was involved in an arts council project with local women, (the women were not really interested and fair enough they had other problems to deal with), there were some bad housing schemes in NE England but certainly not as much as in Scotland, unless you went back to the 1930’s. You can see why many just upped and left Scotland back then.


  5. At the very bottom of the article on the BBC Scotland website there is a link to the UK GOV statistics which makes interesting reading.
    BBC Scotland are only quoting number of arrivals.

    England 86,201 sponsored by individuals, visas granted 77,376
    Sponsored by ‘ English Gov’ zero ? nothing registered.

    Scotland 4,589 sponsored by individuals, visas granted 4,101
    Sponsored by Scottish Gov 35,754, visas granted 26,587
    Total for Scotland 40,343

    Almost half of England’s intake with only 8% of the population.


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  6. It’s impossible to view anything from the Express as serious journalism, it’s sole purpose over Scottish affairs centre is demeaning anything done by the SG.
    eg – Their “cruise ship with rooms smaller than prison cells” implies incarceration, yet studiously ignores the fact that in it’s normal role, folks pay thousands for the privilege of precisely that.

    The Guardian’s “concerns” are a bit strange, as it’s not clear from whom they arose.

    As a temporary accommodation facility, the ship was an innovative and very clever solution, they are built specifically for people who will arrive only with suitcases, and everything on board is designed to cater for those on board as a self-contained floating village whether at sea or docked.

    Presumably HMS James Cook realised attempting propaganda could backfire spectacularly, and opted to write a more positive article.
    That must have hurt…


  7. Regards the MSM
    Their spewing of subtle vitriol is rather akin to those of a certain political party in the early 1930,s in Germany as The Weimar republic was imploding
    Due to hyper inflation and economic collaspse no need to guess at whom the vitriol was firmly aimed at
    And by Whom
    The Daily Mail amongst many members of UK elite and Royal Family were ardent supporters of that certain German political party
    Today they are attempting to subtlety protray the SNP as The problem as The Nazi party did with the Jews
    And we all know how that ended up
    Make no mistake our foes indeed Evil to the core
    Show them no respect ever nor
    Magnanimity when we win our day

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  8. Thatcher sold off council houses and did not build any more. The Scottish Gov is building or renovation 6000 affordable houses for rent a year. Private builder building 17,000. 50,000 people die a year. There are enough houses in Scotland but many lie empty or are in the wrong area for occupancy. Scotland within a few years will have a home for everyone because of Scottish Gov policy. In surplus and keeping prices down.

    Westminster depopulated Scotland taking Scotland resources and revenues secretly and illegally. Scottish population remained at 5million since 1900 and before. It dipped in the 1950s (War). The population only increased after Devolution 2000. To 5.4million. Brexit meant many EU citizens have left, including healthcare workers. Now there is a shortage of essential workers.


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