Rail strikes only a government responsibility in SNP Scotland

In the Guardian today:

Transport secretary rules out meeting unions. Grant Shapps [Conservative] has ruled out meeting rail unions, as RMT members went on strike on Wednesday. “This is just a game by the unions,” the transport secretary said in an interview on Sky News.


From the Scottish Cons in May 2022:

Yet despite Scots’ fury, the SNP is already trying to wriggle out of responsibility for the chaos on our railways. Instead of taking control of this dire situation, Nicola Sturgeon is hiding behind ScotRail – a company her government fully owns – as an excuse for her failures. Don’t let her get away with it. If your life has been disrupted by these swingeing cuts, join our campaign to tell Nicola Sturgeon that we need action now.


5 thoughts on “Rail strikes only a government responsibility in SNP Scotland

  1. The BritNats troughers really are wasting vital funds aren’t they with their faux outrage ‘campaigns’ when that money could be much better used in Scotland. Hell mend ’em.

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    1. ArtyHetty
      Regards “Hell mend them”
      Fret not as i can confirm that we in the Yes camp
      Have made the requisites reservations for all these Quislings in the hottest positions in hell in the form of only being able to stack supermarket shelves
      Or clean the Toilets that being a task must suitable to their skill sets in handling faecal matter
      As Just like Poland did when the Soviet Yoke was finally broken


  2. The RMT Union has the Tories in a tizzy . They thought that Maggie Thatcher’s union bashing legislation had done for the unions for all time ( and Blair’s ”Labour ” Government did not rectify matters ).
    Now they are running round like headless chickens ( spot the next Tory PM ! ) promising to bring in even more stringent controls on workers who contemplate strike action because they are being bled dry by employers and inflation .

    Of course Truss and Sunak would never contemplate taking any action against employers who pay less than the Minimum Wage , or who hide their profits Overseas or who ”bribe” Tory Ministers by donating to their party in order to cut the few regulations which exist to protect workers .

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    1. James
      Well then if they going to break the Train Drivers
      Then it must be kept in mind that from advertising all the way through training it takes a minium of 9 months before that driver can take charge of a train
      Now that indeed requires a plan
      And so far every Tory plan ends up as a unmitigated disaster

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  3. People can go by bus (cheaper). Travel by road or fly. There are alternative services or work from home.

    Westminster could help fund pay rises in line with inflation. Westminster cut adequate NHS funding. Spending £Billions on the military. Trident and redundant weaponry causing havoc in the world. Funding HS2 and Hinkley Point etc a total waste of public monies.

    Wasting £Billions on poor, bad ill thought out projects. PPE products wasting £Billions. Tax evading by Westminster and their cronies. The lowest (UK) pensions in Europe. Brexit losing £Billions. The Tories will be gone before long. Another Indy/Ref coming soon. Now is the time.

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