Falling drug deaths tomorrow? The Tories are worried

Scotland’s drug deaths, according to Police Scotland, have been falling, since peaking in 2019, against a background of media silence on the facts and modified language changing from ‘record’ to just ‘high.’

The Scottish Tories seem worried about the figures to be released tomorrow, Thursday 28 June 2022. Does Sandy Gullane know something and is whinging this sort of thing:

The number of fatalities has risen year on year on Nicola Sturgeon’s watch to last year’s appalling record high of 1,339. These figures mean Scotland has not just the worst death rate per head of population in Europe – but the worst by such an enormous margin that it’s hard to get your head around.

“The SNP cannot claim success when we’re still losing 1,000 people every single year. It would be shameful if they tried to spin Scotland still having the worst drug-death rate in Europe as some kind of victory.”


Remember ‘last year’ for NRS data is 2020 and Police Scotland’s estimate, based on more useful scene of death data, was 1 295 for 2021, an 8% fall on 2020. Police Scotland had that as a 27% fall on 2019.

Why does Gullane suggest 1 000? Were that the case, a 30% fall, surely it’s success? It would be if they had responsibility.

5 thoughts on “Falling drug deaths tomorrow? The Tories are worried

  1. How dare these far right wing rags use the name ‘Scottish’, they sully Scotland’s good name, they lie and propagandise, and they are most certainly not ‘Scottish’. Do they call themslves the English DE or the Welsh DE or the NI DE. No they do not.
    They have no place in Scotland’s media and cultural arena, I so hope we can be rid of these nasty far right wing rags post independence.

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  2. Its OK.
    Repressing Scotland will bail the Tories out with some obscure stat that only applies to Scotland.
    Should Dr Sandesh not be donning his scrubs and heading back to Engurland , where an “NHS workforce crisis” is headlining?
    Or does his Hyppocratic Oath come a poor second to his cushy number in Holyrood.


  3. Gullane worries that Nicola Sturgeon ”may spin ” the figures for political reasons ! Thank God I was sitting down when I read that !
    Dr Gullane , an import from the failing ENGLISH NHS , ( not his responsibility I’m sure ! ) has NEVER used ”spin” to make a political point in his short sojourn in Scotland .





  5. The Tories cut adequate NHS funding. The ConDems cut funding £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. After having promised to support the service. Funding has not been adequately increased. To fund proper rehab care. The NHS is totally inadequate in the South. NI has been raised to fund it. Too little too late. To late for the Tories. Soon to be out of office.

    Despite lying Brexit messages on buses. Healthcare workers from the EU have returned to Europe and the world because of Brexit. Leaving a massive shortfall of staff. The Scottish Gov have to mitigate the cuts. Third rate Tories in Holyrood do not manage it. D’Houdt imposed by unionists for cynical advantage.


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