Not counting Anas Sarwar, Scotland has 40% more NHS dentists

In the Guardian today:

The decades-old routine of visiting an NHS dentist for a six-month checkup is being scrapped across England and Wales for most adults as part of changes designed to address the dire lack of access to dental care for many people.

From the Scottish Government in March 2022:

We’re delivering record investment in dentistry – with a 9% increase in the budget for NHS dental services in 2022-23 – and there has been a 39% increase in the number of high-street dentists in Scotland between 2007 and 2021. Last year there were 55.6 dentists per 100,000 of the population providing NHS care in Scotland compared to 39.9 in England.

So, that’s 39.34% more NHS dentists on top of 26% more GPs and 49% more nurses.

Sources here:

6 thoughts on “Not counting Anas Sarwar, Scotland has 40% more NHS dentists

  1. Mr Sarwar will say this is because of the benefit of being in the union. Bodger Broon’s ‘pooling and sharing’ is the argument he would deploy. (This is the ‘British slant’ that Starmer has asked the Bodger to provide for his economic strategy – if a collection of seven vacuities amounts to a policy). Ergo, if Scotland becomes independent, we will have no NHS dentists.

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    1. Starmer has an ‘economic strategy’? He should just copy and paste the Tory one because he is no different to them in his right wing capitalist, economy wrecking, low wage, no wage, insular backward outlook.
      Far as I am concerned Starmer the trougher, is of little consquence and of no importance to Scotland whatsoever, his desperation all too clear in employing failed Labour politicians to attempt to fool the people of Scotland. Sigh.


  2. I do believe in England the sale of pliers is going thru the roof,as it is the only way to deal with thru the roof pain
    No tooth fairies down there Anymore


  3. The shortage of healthcare staff is because of Brexit. Thousands have left the UK to return to Europe. Or other countries worldwide. The NHS has not been adequately funded by Westminster unionists for years. Austerity and poverty causes more healthcare problems. The Scottish Gov has to mitigate the cuts.

    There was a shortage of dentists in the North East. A new training centre/clinic was set up in the NE. (Salmond). To stop the shortages. Train more dentists. Funded by the Scottish Gov.

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  4. Sadly the continual lambasting of our health service by the media is resulting in fewer students taking the opportunity to go into the health service. Despite all the good work of the Scottish Government in keeping our country with better resources that the rest of the Uk unless we recruit more people we are going to see a dramatic fall as more and more staff retire or leave the profession all together as a direct result of the bad publicity perpetuated by the MSM


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