Media blackout on SNP success as crime surges in England & Wales

Studiously ignored by the MSM though covered by local press and, only the increase in rapes, by the BBC, Police Professional reports:

A total of 6.3 million crimes were recorded in the year to March 2022 – four per cent higher than the previous all-time high of 6.1 million in 2019/20.

It is also up 16 per cent on 2020/21, when crime levels were affected by Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

The figures, which have been published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), show knife crime, theft and domestic abuse all increased in the 12 months to March.

Police-recorded offences of fraud and computer misuse have risen 17 per cent, from 828,364 in 2020/21 to 965,162 in 2021/22.

Knife crime rose by ten per cent to 49,027 offences in the year to March, compared with 44,642 in the previous 12 months – although this is below the pre-pandemic year of 2019/20, which saw 55,078 offences.

Various types of police-recorded crime are now at their highest level since current records began in 2002/03, including the number of rape offences (70,330 in 2021/22), all sexual offences (194,683), stalking and harassment offences (722,574), and all violence against the person offences (2.1 million).

The comparative picture, even more concealed by media neglect, across the UK:

6 thoughts on “Media blackout on SNP success as crime surges in England & Wales

  1. Perfect scenario, the right wing love high crime rates as long as they themselves are beyond the law. Private prisons no doubt will line a few pockets, and high crime rates are a great distraction from the real criminals at the helm in England.

    I wonder where those who have the means will move to, in order to escape the terrible dystopia created by their government in England, hmm, it won’t be outwith their Uk, saying as they voted for Brexit.

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  2. I wonder if the lower crime rate in Scotland is linked to the higher ratio of police officers up here .
    Just like the better performance of the NHS in Scotland may be linked to the higher ratio of GPs , nurses , dentists etc ..
    I do hope that the Scottish Government does not try to make political capital out of these figures as we are all aware that this will not be acceptable to those fair-minded opposition parties who would never seek political advantage if the positions were reversed !

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    1. There is, probably, a number of factors in the reduction in crime rates in Scotland and the relatively low rate compared to England and Wales. Two factors of significance are the school education system and the approach of the Violence Reduction Unit. Attendances at school have been higher, for many years than at any previous times and exclusions from school have reduced hugely compared to 25 years ago. When a young person is excluded from school, the school has a legal duty to make provision for the young person’s education during the period of exclusion. It is very difficult, legally, to have a young person ‘removed from the roll’ (this used to be called expelling or permanent exclusion). If removal from the toll takes place, the Council still has a duty to provide education. In most cases this is by enrolling the young person in another school in the Council area. In addition to education, Councils also are responsible for social work and education, social work and, often, the police will all be involved. Consequently, very few young people disappear from the system, even if the family moves to another council area.

      In England, for nearly 30 years, Councils have no role in education, and schools are run by trusts. Although selection is theoretically forbidden most rusts practise selection by a range of mainly illegal ways. The trusts have no duty to provide education for young people excluded from school, nor are they required to inform any other organisation. So, once a young person is excluded (usually ‘informally’ – meaning “just bugger off and we will not say anything detrimental about you, if anyone asks”) no formal body has any duty to check if the young person is in education. This results in many young people ceasing contact with education. Mainly, these young people are black, of low socioeconomic status, in dysfunctional families. They fall prey to drugs gangs and sex traffickers and having had few adult role models and none of the stability and support schools provide, they do not acquire the socialisation that most of us acquired via family, school and neighbours.


  3. Post lockdown increases, after lower average statistics.

    200 more knife murders (a year?) in London because of Westminster austerity.

    Too many people are in prison in UK. 138 per 100,000. One of the highest number in Europe. People with additional needs that have not had proper support. People with ADHD and autism. Not properly diagnosed. Authorities need more diversity training. To give proper relevant help. Bright lights and a noisy environment can lead to mental health issues and lack of proper support and care.

    People with alcohol/drug problems. They need proper, total abstinence, rehab care. Not put on methadone for years. Leading to earlier death. Prison £40,000.

    Thatcher care in the community. Prison.

    US and Russia have higher prison rates.

    Crime is a gender issue. More men than women commit (violent) crime, within the family. Often under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    More women in the rest of the UK get legal aid than in Scotland. To keep a roof over their heads and not become homeless because of abuse. The Law was changed recently in England so women can get legal aid. It has to be paid back in any case. It can take years and cost £thousands going through the legal system. More abuse of women. Many women and children have to stay in unsafe, unhealthy situations. Estate agencies illegal charge women a deposit and six months upfront rent, even with high credit scoring.


  4. Ah Fret not as the very serious and impending civil disobedience and unrest kicks off in English deprived towns and cities
    If so simple research into trained and available police and armed forces reveals insufficient numbers to bring the MOB under control
    Shoot to kill and curfews will have to be deployed
    To put the massive heap of bone dry resentment is ignited by a little spark


  5. GE 2024 before the riots and violence break out. Like Thatcher era. Unrest and poverty. The Poll Tax. No computers or internet. To protest.

    Scotland has time to vote for Independence. The Tory/unionists will be out forever. Scotland will be a more prosperous and equal place. Along with the rest of the world. Less illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion.

    Scotland is covered in coal. CCS in the North Sea and the technology is available. Westminster reneged on CCS at Longannet and Peterhead. Scotland is 25% in surplus for fuel and energy and should be selling it. Not paying more.

    Scotland in surplus and nearer the source could produce more green energy. Households, business and organisations in Scotland could pay less not more. Earning more from green fuel and energy. Wind, wave, tidal, solar and CCS. Increasing jobs and benefits.

    Increasing Gov pension. The lowest in Europe. Less than a quarter of the average income. It would be paid for by less cost of administration to claim extra subsistence. The administration costs nearly as much as the payout. With a complicated claims system that could be easily simplified.


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