Ofcom protects Reporting Scotland from scrutiny

While the BBC Scotland channel is sort of exposed, if bizarrely, by the Express, Reporting Scotland’s popularity is concealed within the ratings for BBC 1 News which, across the UK, is actually more popular, at 51%, than ITV/STV, at 45%.

We do know that, in 2020, STV News beat Reporting Scotland with 390 00 viewers (30%) against 380 000 (28%). 6.9% of the population!


That Ofcom avoids a breakdown of the BBC News popularity suggests, I’m sure, things are now even worse at Pacific Quay.


6 thoughts on “Ofcom protects Reporting Scotland from scrutiny

  1. £5Billion for BBC Gov propaganda. Few people watch it. No wonder. .

    People exchange views and get information from the internet. Much easier, quicker and more accurate than the ‘reporting staff’. Most cannot analyse a balance sheet, or give accurate statistics or apply proper investigation. Just regurgitate inaccupurate reports. A UK Gov shambles.

    The UK Gov is supposed to support a free and fair Press. It does not. The majority MSM is right wing and inaccurate. Without a free and fair Press there is no democracy. No Dom tax evading owners and politicians. Millionaire non Dom tax evaders setting the tax rate for others. Making people poorer. An absolute scandal. They will be voted out.


  2. Ridiculous headline from the so called ‘Scottish’ Daily bog roll.
    It shows the level of propaganda from ‘English’ based newspapers.
    Everybody up here knows full well that the public are turning off from BBC Scotland because they are ANTI-SNP! and are attempting to manipulate the populace in the way they vote.

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  3. Sorry not following this. If Ofcom have ‘avoided a breakdown’ of viewing figs for the BBC how then is it possible for the DE to arrive at this headline? If they have access to these Ofcom figs for BBC Scotland that are not available to the general population then surely this is a scandal.


  4. Gas lighting, a classic example. Thing is it works on some people when it comes to brainwashing them into believing the lies, they will view the SNP as their enemy.
    People are too busy trying to make ends meet, to dig deeper into the fabrications being set up to influence their political ideas and decisions at the ballot box. Except it’s not quite working for the right wing rags and the BBC in Scotland. Just as well we have the internet…


  5. Story from Day 1.
    Avoid a “Scottish 6” by setting up an underfunding a “BBC Scotland” channel.
    Broadcasting on a shoe-string, and with its news oriented to a North British viewpoint, rather than making news relevant to Scotland (the original claim).
    When the channel fails, due to repeats, cardboard studios and gross underfunding, place the blame on the channel. Classic imperialism.

    The HoL Digital Committee published proposals last week that a “poll tax” should be introduced to fund the BBC.
    But it also stated the BBC had to reform, pointing out that many people were unhappy with the lack of relevance the BBC had to where they lived.
    Most prominent among the unhappy was SCOTLAND.
    This is not a new thing but the BBC has done zilch to remedy this.
    The BBC in Scotland is a British State broadcaster and propaganda outfit.

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