English alcohol-death experts stumped

Despite desperate attempts by opposition parties and their MSM lackeys to somehow suggest that the ‘SNP’ minimum pricing policy is not working in Scotland, their arguments do not survive a collision with the evidence.

While alcohol-related deaths, in Scotland, did rise during the period of pandemic lockdowns in 2020, they had fallen for the 3 previous years, after the implementation of the policy in May 2018. The above BBC report suggests:

Heavy home drinking during the pandemic may have set habits that will lead to rises in alcohol-related deaths and illness in England, forecasters warn. The work, commissioned for the NHS, suggests even under the best-case scenario of people cutting back to pre-pandemic boozing levels, there could be 1,830 extra deaths within two decades.


There is no mention of the Scottish policy in a report with experts content only to warn but not to suggest solutions.

Even if they tend not to look north for ideas, they surely read the Lancet:

The evidence base supporting the positive, targeted impact of MUP is strengthened by the comparable results for Scotland and Wales. The short-term impact of MUP in Scotland during 2018 is maintained during the first half of 2020. MUP is an effective alcohol policy option to reduce off-trade purchases of alcohol and should be widely considered.


The BMJ:

Introducing minimum prices alongside alcohol taxes would limit access to high strength, low price alcohol which is associated with heavy drinking and high levels of harm. It highlighted minimum unit pricing—where the minimum price of a product is determined by the alcohol content only—as one of the most effective policies.


And the World Health Organisation:

Alcohol pricing policies and taxation are among the most effective and cost–effective measures to reduce alcohol consumption and harms – but most countries of the WHO European Region still do not use these valuable tools to their full potential. 


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4 thoughts on “English alcohol-death experts stumped

  1. Unfortunately , MUP does not pass the ”If it is an SNP policy then it must be bad ” test !
    Like Baby Boxes , it is clearly NOT to be praised as it is designed to improve life for Scots but has not been given the imprimatur of the unionist parties as it may suggest that Scotland can do things without the permission of Westminster .

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    1. Scotland is held back by Westminster’s Tories and red Tories. Scotland has made huge progress in repairing the terrible economic and social damage of decades, centuries even, by the so called union. Scotland was neglected, peoples’ self worth shattered, while the various English governments took the booty, Scotland’s resources plundered, what a scam the union has been and continues to be. Obviously if you have a situation where the country next door controls/occupies your country, they are not going to make the welfare of the people of the occupied country their priority, quite the opposite in fact.

      There’s only one way to fully put that wrong to rights, independence.

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  2. The Scottish Gov 2000 cannot tax alcohol like other countries. Norway etc tax and lower alcohol consumption. Scotland started from a higher threshold. More people consumed at a higher rate than the rest of the UK because of Thatcher. Higher unemployment and poverty. Unionists did nothing about it. Scottish Office. The difference is now decreasing. MUP and more information are lowering the consumption. It was 25% now lowering 10%.?

    The Scottish Gov in ten years have to try to mitigate the damage of nearly 100 years. Independence will improve the economy and the society. Westminster poor, bad decisions are still having a negative impact on Scotland. Costing Scotland £Billions that could be better spent. The illegal Barnett Formula. Designed to secretly and illegally take revenue and resources out of Scotland to fund London S/E. Still applicable.

    London the tax evading capital of the world. Fed by tax evading unionist politicians and their associates. Brexit a catastrophe. Not supported by the majority of the electorate. More people have changed their mind as the chaos and shambles unfolds. The Brexit lies and promises. The Vow more lies and cheating by unionists. Reneged upon.

    Westminster unionist Gov has cost the world £Trillions and brought hardship and poverty worldwide. Killed and maimed millions. Misspent £Trillions causing death and destruction everywhere. Selling illegal redundant weaponry worldwide. Keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act. The corruption and chaos causing trouble and problems everywhere. Breaking International Law. Breaking the Laws that they make. An international disgrace.

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