More on the BBC bias toward Ruth Davidson

By stewartb

On the Ofcom ruling on the BBC:

‘Ofcom has found the BBC in breach of due impartiality rules in relation to a news item broadcast on The World at One, BBC Radio 4, on 24 February 2021.

The news item discussed the dispute between the Scottish Government and former First Minister, Alex Salmond over its handling of harassment complaints against him and the consequent Holyrood inquiry.

It included an interview with Baroness Ruth Davidson who expressed, at length, strongly critical views about the Scottish Government WITHOUT DUE WEIGHT BEING GIVEN TO ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVES. (my emphasis)

We received a complaint about the programme, which had completed the BBC First process.

After investigating the complaint against our broadcasting rules, we found that the BBC FAILED TO PRESERVE DUE IMPARTIALITY.

About our investigation: In reaching our decision, we took careful account of the broadcaster’s and audience’s rights to freedom of expression.

We also considered the following factors:

– The gravity of Ruth Davidson’s accusations regarding the Scottish Government and her strong and continued criticism

– The fact that she was able to express her views at length without alternative perspectives being given due weight

– The absence of a clear link to the subsequent afternoon programme which continued to cover the story.’



4 thoughts on “More on the BBC bias toward Ruth Davidson

  1. In Russia propaganda is free in UK,Ok we are made to pay for our own brainwashing. If OFCOM was a genuine organisation it would have shut down the BBC years ago, George Orwell thought the BBC was the most successful state propaganda machine of all time ,even better than Gorbals Nazi equivalent. Orwell should know he worked for the BBC for long enough.
    Dissolve the Union.

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  2. OfCOM is a convenient ( and increasingly necessary ) shield for the blatant propagandising of the Government Disinformation Department ( aka BBC ) .

    If it upholds complaints from the public ( assuming you can hold your breath for an extended period until they eventually make an adjudication ) the repercussions for the BeeB are as effective as complaints about Boris Johnson lying to Parliament .

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  3. All the OF agencies were setup by the Thatcher government to protect the interests of organisations/industries from public scrutiny.
    The real enemy of the Great British state are the Great British public.


    1. Yep and I have heard some say she wasn’t that bad awww…, she was evil.
      What is British. We were all UKish until Brexit, four equal nations, even steevins,
      In 2014. British usually means, English, and what they decide, Scotland gets like it or not.
      The BBC needs to be closed down in Scotland after independence, it’s an assault on our democracy. No thanks BBC.

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