NHS England facing ‘worst staffing crisis in history’ yet no calls for resignations

From BBC UK today:

The large number of unfilled NHS job vacancies is posing a serious risk to patient safety, a report by MPs says. It found England is now short of 12,000 hospital doctors and more than 50,000 nurses and midwives, calling this the worst workforce crisis in NHS history.


In a report where former Con Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt only suggests that tackling the shortage must be a “top priority” for the new prime minister when they take over in September, there’s no suggestion that the Health Secretary should resign. All forgiven; fresh start?

It’s Steve Barclay just in case you didn’t know. I had to check. He’s not mentioned in the report at all.

Only in the 24th out of 26 paragraphs do we see what should be the headline:

Labour’s shadow health secretary Wes Streeting accused the government of having “utterly failed” to address the crisis.

BBC Scotland would give the three opposition parties several lines each to blame the Health Secretary and perhaps headline with a phrase from them.

It was the same with this in 2019:

No calls for resignation.

The contrast with BBC Scotland is sharp and ideological:

That’s one death, one.

One gran, one.


14 thoughts on “NHS England facing ‘worst staffing crisis in history’ yet no calls for resignations

  1. Brexit, bad pandemic management and lack of funding. Westminster perfect storm. Costing £Billions and damaging millions of lives. The Tories will be gone before long. The sooner the better.

    Independence will be the answer from Westminster poor management and disastrous policies. Westminster unionist deceit, lies and corruption. A ship of fools. They do not have a clue. Paid for complete failure. Dismal failure.


  2. No calls for Ministerial resignations ?
    It is a well-known fact that Nicola Sturgeon is PERSONALLY responsible for EVERYTHING BAD that happens in Scotland’s NHS .
    This was identified in a FOI request to Misreporting Scotland by Jackie Baillie .

    She is also responsible for …Scotland’s poor Weather , the state of Scotland’s national football team , the institutionally racist Scottish Cricket Board , the pesky roadworks on a road near you , and don’t forget the Ferries where she has missed several shifts at Ferguson’s in recent days causing even further delays .

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  3. I have no doubt whatsoever that both Truss and Sunak clinically insane
    Why Well one is about to take charge of the ballooning almost insolvable dilemmas confronting the UK
    If they are to stick to Tory Neo Liberal Thatcherite dictum and in no particular order but all intrinsically linked
    1.NHS staffing and backlog
    3.Ingrained poor productivity
    4.Looming trade war with EU
    5.Education recruitment
    6.Collasping exports
    7.China,India and US refusing trade deals
    8.National debt interest rapidly going skywards
    9.Urgent need to raise bank interest rates without
    Collapse of house prices
    11.Cost of living crisis
    12.HS 2 now 100 % over budget and way behind schedule
    13.How the Fu*k do they level up now
    14.UK reputation going pear shaped
    15.China pulling finance plug on New nuclear, now requires new financiers and more importantly design which more than likely lead to complete rip out of what already built
    15.Chronic key skill shortages
    16.Very strong evidence deprived areas in England now getting their act together and many now prepared en mass not to pay energy bills in a collective organised way
    17. Break up of UK calamitous for England
    18.Serious civil unrest
    On and on the list grows
    So in conclusion if the hapless pair that are Sunak/Truss
    They not Mad as i stated
    If so then both bereft of any serious intelligent thought, because as UK sinks their career goes down with the ship all despite them both being of
    Genus Rattus with a strong instinct of knowing exactly when to jump ship

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      1. James
        If you care to substitute
        The words “Ever done for ” to read
        ” Ever dine too ”
        Then reams of paper required to detail
        But in this instance one word more than suffice.

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  4. 8 National debt interest rapidly going skywards
    The pandemic has largely been funded by the BoE printing money in return for IOUs from the wasteminster treasury with a stated rate of interest.
    BoE sells some but holds onto most
    Treasury pays interest to the BoE who then quietly pass it on the their owners – hmg. Big furore in msm about cost of debt and the need for austerity when it is just a contrived argument


    1. Yep, it’s always been a con – There is no difference between the Treasury, the BOE, or HMG, the City of London (not the physical manifestation) have always been the ultimate owners, the 5th of the 4 nations making up the United Queendom.


  5. Who ever takes over the role of PM, CEO of UKokunlimited, will without a doubt, take great pleasure in hammering the final nails in the coffin of England’s NHS. Scotland, yours is next!

    I see that Scotland is once again held hostage to England controlled Network rail, strikes planned, basically don’t expect to get a train on the 27th, and the days either side will be affected so three days of disruption to Scotland’s rail network. Every aspect of life in Scotland is, or can be negatively affected depending on what the powers that be in England do or don’t do. It’s peak season, tourism will be affected, Scotland needs tourists. The Scotrail email alerting us to this says, ‘strike action across Great Britain’.

    I don’t know about you but I recall the ‘great’ bit was never really used much until Brexit because everyone knew that ‘Britain’ was/is far from ‘Great’. During the independence referendum and run up to it in 2014, all we heard was ‘UK’ UK UK UK. Now it’s ‘Britain’ and even ‘Great Britain’…get us out of here!


  6. After 12 years of Tory austerity plus a Tory Brexit and then a pandemic, publicly-funded health and social care across the UK is in trouble. It’s official – a Westminster cross-party parliamentary committee has pronounced on England. Government by the Tory Party – with ALL the levers of economic and financial powers at its disposal plus continuity of power over these for more than a decade – has delivered an English NHS and social care system in the bad state it is in today.

    So will it now be accepted by Tory, Labour and Lib Dem politicians and their Unionist media allies in Scotland that the state of affairs in Scotland is neither unique nor exceptionally bad? The evidence shows that despite being hogtied over its use of economic and financial levers – across short, medium and long time frames – the state of affairs in Scotland is substantially better than in England. Candidly, I have no expectation of ‘acceptance’: an end to hypocrisy would be appreciated!

    If the Scottish Tories do have the magic quick fix – as they do seem to imply when they call ‘shame’ on Scotland’s health secretary, endlessly – it’s time they informed the DHSC in Whitehall. Ditto for Labour’s Jackie Baillie: she should inform the Labour government in Cardiff. how things can be sorted in NHS Wales. Or at least participate in grown-up politics!

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  7. On Ofcom ruling on the BBC:

    ‘Ofcom has found the BBC in breach of due impartiality rules in relation to a news item broadcast on The World at One, BBC Radio 4, on 24 February 2021.

    The news item discussed the dispute between the Scottish Government and former First Minister, Alex Salmond over its handling of harassment complaints against him and the consequent Holyrood inquiry.

    It included an interview with Baroness Ruth Davidson who expressed, at length, strongly critical views about the Scottish Government WITHOUT DUE WEIGHT BEING GIVEN TO ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVES. (my emphasis)

    We received a complaint about the programme, which had completed the BBC First process.

    After investigating the complaint against our broadcasting rules, we found that the BBC FAILED TO PRESERVE DUE IMPARTIALITY.

    About our investigation: In reaching our decision, we took careful account of the broadcaster’s and audience’s rights to freedom of expression.

    We also considered the following factors:

    – The gravity of Ruth Davidson’s accusations regarding the Scottish Government and her strong and continued criticism

    – The fact that she was able to express her views at length without alternative perspectives being given due weight

    – The absence of a clear link to the subsequent afternoon programme which continued to cover the story.’

    Source https://www.ofcom.org.uk/news-centre/2022/ofcom-finds-bbc-in-breach-of-due-impartiality-rules

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    1. Well that clear and obvious breach of BBC guidelines only took 17 months to be adjudicated .
      No wonder Saville got away with it for years !!!

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  8. A further interesting comparative John is duration.

    The BBC/UK article you featured has disappeared off the main page within 24 hours, the first NHS story well down that page is “NHS staff advised how to access food banks”, which on opening is prefixed by “Welsh”. There is no rehash of the original NHS article you featured.
    Their lead story now is the latest Tory leader promo piece.

    The BBC in Scotland would run their NHSS reports as lead for days on the Scotland and Politics pages, periodically “edited” to ensure it continued to appear “current”.
    When it began to look dated, they would recycle the content with a new twist to create a “new” story, hence keeping the topic “current”.

    So most certainly “The contrast with BBC Scotland is sharp and ideological”.

    The BBC/Scotland lead story this morning is the “Greenpeace legal bid to halt North Sea gas field” with the Tory leader promo second, and right down the bottom is the “UK Blood Inquiry” article.

    Turn to the Politics page and the new lead story is the “UK Blood Inquiry”, second is the Tory leader promo., the rest is largely unchanged in a week.
    It’s not as if things political are not happening, it’s simply that HMS James Cook would rather the public don’t hear of it.

    News ? – Again, “The contrast with BBC Scotland is sharp and ideological”.


  9. The Torys want the NHS to collapse they will then use this as an excuse to privatise what remains of it .Once the Torys have done this in England their Scottish puppet will do the same here. 5 more years of SNP capitulation acquiescence if we are stupid enough to vote for them again . Selling us out by stealth to her colonial masters look and see what is behind the mask.
    Dissolve the Union,


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