Scotland’s Monkey Pox rate one of lowest in the World!

You’ll remember that the public have right to know when things are worse in Scotland than in England, so our media remind us regularly of our higher drug deaths or lower employment rates but we don’t hear, because that would be tasteless whitabootery, when Covid deaths or our child poverty rates are lower or when our A&E is faster.

Today we heard about the 54 Monkey Pox cases in Scotland but not, of course, about the 2208 cases, across the UK. We have the lowest rate at only a quarter of the UK level.

Should you want to see how many cases there are before you fly off somewhere, you can find out here:

2 thoughts on “Scotland’s Monkey Pox rate one of lowest in the World!

  1. There is a massive, dangerous shortage of NHS staff and provision, in the South, because of lack of funding and Brexit. The trained staff left because of Brexit. Poor, bad pandemic management to concentrate on Brexit. Wasting £Billions.

    Brexit an absolute chaotic shambles that will cost lives. The Tories (ConDems) cut NHS funding £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. Instead of increasing it adequately in line with essential costs.

    17million voters voted for Brexit lies. A 47 million electorate. A minority, A majority have changed their minds. Scotland voted 62% to remain. A high majority. The Unionist Parties are still pursuing this absolutely unpopular policy. Along with the migration scandal. Totally out of touch and time. It will cost lives. Totally wasteful and unnecessary. Costing £Billions.


  2. Presumably this story is on radio/tv as nothing noted on the web-pages, but with folks in holiday mood, HMS James Cook will have been scrambling for any old cock and bull to dampen enthusiasm.

    Should monkey-pox become an actual issue, SNHS will be pushing boosters for smallpox which appears to be keeping it under control in the northern hemisphere.

    Pacific Quay has gone into ‘glacial-mode’ on website updates, not that nothing is happening, rather nothing of propaganda value is happening, the broadcasting equivalent of the Rev I M Jolly.


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