Monkey Pox: It’s a totally different situation to Covid 19

Ever determined to give their elderly Scots audience a fright and keep them change-averse, Reporting Scotland lead off with

The World Health Organisation has declared the outbreak an international public health emergency. 16 000 cases of the viral disease have been reported in more than 70 countries.

Then in reverse order with what are the real headline messages to inform viewers, a clearly PO Prof Bauld tells us:

  1. The risk for the public in Scotland remains low
  2. We’ve had 54 cases with an increase of only 3 since the last count in mid-July
  3. These are really small numbers
  4. This is a mild illness
  5. We have a vaccine
  6. It’s a totally different situation to Covid and that’s a really important point to make.

Yes, why not make that point at the beginning?

You to have wonder why the headline story was not based on the last point with the WHO contextual figures at the end if at all. That would have been a nice reassuring message for us old folks as we drift of to sleep

Footnote: 54 is fine number when you have a population of 5.4 million.

SHOCK ‘One in a hundred thousand Scots have Monkey Pox’


5 thoughts on “Monkey Pox: It’s a totally different situation to Covid 19

    1. The effectiveness of the smallpox vaccination against smallpox decreases with time – 3 to 5 years max protection then starts to decrease- although after several decades it might still prevent a serious outcome. Therefore a previous smallpox vaccination may not give absolute protection against monkeypox.

      I last had a smallpox vaccination in the 1960s so not about to place any faith in its ability to protect me now from monkeypox or smallpox.

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  1. Such reporting may be defined as
    Journalistic Terrorism

    Just rather like the well known tactic deployed by expert terrorist’s
    Kill a few and terrify millions


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