Tree planting only increases significantly in Scotland

In the Guardian yesterday but nowhere to be seen across Scottish MSM:

The amount of carbon dioxide captured by the UK’s forests has fallen by millions of tonnes and will remain at historically low rates for over a decade, because of a failure to quickly replace old forest stocks.

The UK has committed to planting 30,000 hectares (74,131 acres) of new trees annually by 2025 to replace older forests that have been harvested and to increase the UK’s overall tree cover. In Scotland, after falling sharply planting rates have risen recently to 11,000 hectares a year and are helping arrest that decline, but have barely risen in the rest of the UK.

So, just as well we didn’t follow the advice of Maurice Golden MSP (Con) in 2019 to adopt advice on tree-planting, from England:


3 thoughts on “Tree planting only increases significantly in Scotland

  1. “Silence is Golden” ?

    Positive references to Scotland in England’s media may be infrequent, but at least they occur, unlike in Scotland’s media where they obsess over propaganda angles.


  2. As the applicants to run the ToryMafia have made clear in their pronouncements that all ‘this green crap’ has to be jettisoned, then the Scottish media propagandists MUST ignore anything which implies that ‘green crap’ could be a good thing. Indeed, I expect that BBC Scotland’s ‘environment’ correspondent could be redundant or reconstructed as a fossil fuel correspondent. The Green Party is part of the Government in Scotland, ergo, ‘green is baaaad’.


  3. Tree planting to aid tax evasion in London S/E. No longer applies. Land is exempt from tax to keep farms together. Larger farms produce more on average. EU Cap payments and environmental grants discontinued. Putting up the cost of food because of Brexit. Higher food costs affect the poorer. Essential goods take up a higher proportion of budgets, on average.

    Scotland is now increasing production and investment in forestry. More home grow woods guarantee less imports more exports. A more favourable balance of payments deficit. Increased prosperity. Better for the environment. Over population deer spoils wood and forest development. Culls are necessary. Low fat meat supply for those who use it.

    Scotland has ‘a right to roam’. People can enjoy the countryside. Land costs £7,000, an acre, on average. Anyone or group can buy an acre of land and put a hut on it. Or develop a wood. The Scottish Gov has put £Millions into buy back schemes putting more land into community use. Into public ownership in the Highlands.


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