8% of the population 84% of the new tree-planting!

In Holyrood on Tuesday, Maurice Golden (SCAUP) asked the Scottish Government whether the Forestry Commission’s new Woodland Carbon Guarantee is a model that it would consider for use in Scotland?

Fergus Ewing replied straightaway that the Woodland Carbon Guarantee has been designed to help address the relatively high costs of woodland creation in many parts of England, which have been identified as a significant barrier to the achievement of England’s planting targets. These costs are not reflected in Scotland, where 84% of all new UK woodland was established in 2018-19.

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In case Golden doesn’t believe the minister, he can satisfy himself with a quick trip to factcheckSCOTLAND:

‘Scotland has surpassed its targets for planting more trees across the country, official figures show. According to Scottish Government statistics, 11,200 hectares of new planting was undertaken in Scotland last year – above the current annual target of 10,000 hectares. The number of trees planted in Scotland also represents a total of 84% of all new planting across the UK.’

If he’s not happy with that, I think the First Minister has confirmed this: