Scot Gov has no plans to endanger public with parole changes

In the Observer today:

Dominic Raab has been accused of a “catastrophic” decision that experts say profoundly undermines public safety by allowing prisoners to abscond and others to commit serious offences while on parole.

In a strongly worded letter to the justice secretary, three unions castigate a “momentous and dangerous” move by Raab to ban psychologists, prison staff and probation officers from informing the Parole Board whether they believe prisoners should be released.

Under the previous system, parole panels considering applications for release were given reports including risk assessments and recommendations from professionals who had worked with the inmate. On Thursday, however, the system changed so that the parole panel will receive the reports without recommendations.

Of course, had the Scottish MSM a sniff of anything comparable here, we’d know all about it.

The Scottish Government does have consultation on the parole process currently out but there is no suggestion of any such change (pages 11/12).


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