NHS Scotland is able to perform 97% of operations as planned

From Public Health Scotland:

The total number of planned operations across NHSScotland during May 2022 was 21,895. This represents an increase of 19% from 18,392 in April 2022 and is 9% higher than the number planned in May 2021. Of all planned operations during May 2022, 667 (3.0%) were cancelled by the hospital based on clinical reasons, 483 (2.2%) were cancelled by the hospital due to capacity or non-clinical reasons, 665 (3.0%) were cancelled by the patient and 96 (0.4%) were cancelled due to other reasons. The rate of cancellations by patients has returned to pre-pandemic levels.


Only those operations cancelled due to capacity or non-clinical reasons can be considered evidence of failure of the system to deliver the service expected by patients. So, taking away those cancelled for good, clinical or personal, reason (1244) from the total performed (21 895) we get the number that might, with the resourcing, have been performed (20 651). The 665 which could not be performed due to lack of staff or operating theatres represents 3.2% of the total of 20 651. So 96.8% were performed as planned, above the typical 95% targets applied to many NHS outcomes.


4 thoughts on “NHS Scotland is able to perform 97% of operations as planned

  1. Shortages of staff may be down to a greater or lesser extent to Covid.bRemember we are still in a pandemic and at the peak of another wave so for the non-clinical/resource reasons to be what they are as patient numbers rise is quite remarkable.

    It may also be the case that one of the resources holding up operations is the supply of blood for blood transfusions. Again Covid is a factor in this shortage. I have seen various ‘ads’ on social media asking people to donate blood. Difficult though when so many are infected or recovering from Covid.

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  2. But …. but …. the Scottish NHS is failing. The unionist parties are very clear on this, and why would they lie to us. Sure, they never give us the figures for the rest of the UK so we can better understand how well, or not, the ScNHS is performing by comparison with those operating (sic) under the same system …. but I’m sure they have good reasons for that. After all, they only want what’s best for us Jocks …. don’t they?


    1. It is always the same. If you do end up quoting the ‘English’ figures to Scottish unionists they invariably end up saying what has that got to do with Scotland? I reply because it’s the yardstick by which they (unionists) measure everything that happens in Scotland so why should we not compare the figures. I really think what they mean is they only want comparisons like that if we come bottom of the list, not top.


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