Scotland’s A&E performance improves for second month and is best in UK by some way

(c) BBC Scotland imagined headlines

As BBC Scotland dwell on Scotland’s higher Covid infection rate, the good news above is ignored.

Despite soaring attendances, from 122 000 in April 22 to 138 000 in May 22, NHS Scotland’s A&E departments treated 73% within 4 hours, up from 72.1% in April and 71.6% in March.

NHS England only managed 60.2% in 4 hours, in the same month and the former PM’s local Hillingdon trust only managed 49.8%, slightly ahead of the average performance in Rwanda.



3 thoughts on “Scotland’s A&E performance improves for second month and is best in UK by some way

  1. It’s good your back challenging the tails and lies of the Unionists propagandists.
    Their precious Union is a failed stated doomed in their one nation Brexitland set on self destruct. They pulled the pin out their own hand grenade. Dissolve the Union.

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  2. Alistair

    When pulling a pin out of a grenade and prior to tossing into the room no matter how long the fuse
    One must give due diligence to the following
    Before you grasp the pin
    1.What room will you toss into, make sure it is the correct room
    2.What is the length of the fuse and you are prepared
    For the consequences
    3.Is this correct timing to do it
    4.What are the unforeseen and likliehood of unintended consequencies
    Can you cater for such
    5.Who and will the blast impact upon, will it hit those that you want hit
    6.Is the reward worth the effort/ risk
    7.Will the objectives you seek be attained
    8.Have you minimised the risk to yourself
    If answers to 1 to 8 are in the main Positive
    Pull the pin, Toss into the room then retreat and cover your ears
    Let the dust settle then proceed with caution and never rush into the wreckage and
    Enact what you sought.
    Brexit did Not follow even one of the above vital criteria
    Actions always have consequences and in that sense Brexit most certainly
    Very far from being done
    But the fatalities, damage and the wounded become more evident each passing day as the dust settles
    And the most important one is that their Precious Union is now unequivally damaged beyond all possible repair now , resulting in only one possible outcome
    As for the majority in Scotland, NI & possibly Wales
    Independence has been transformed from one of a Want to one of a imperative Need
    And that my dear fellow is the nub of such matters
    And unarguably so
    The blank pages of history have been opened and the pen is now writing

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