Delayed hospital discharges fall to free up beds

From Public Health Scotland:

Number of people delayed

At the May 2022 census point, there were 1,690 people delayed. This is a decrease of 5% compared to the April 2022 census point when 1,780 people were delayed.

Length of delay at census point

Of those delayed at the May 2022 census point, the average (median) length of delay was 21 days, this compares to 22 days in April 2022 (a decrease of 5%).

Average number of beds occupied per dayIn May 2022, the average number of beds occupied per day due to delayed discharges was 1,707. This is a decrease of 4% compared to April 2022 when the daily average was 1,787.

8 thoughts on “Delayed hospital discharges fall to free up beds

  1. Strugeon is suppressing the Scottish census as she does not want the Scottish public to realise the level of migration from our tethered together friends and the fact that there is that many of them they have a veto on our democracy. The rigged voting franchise which includes Tom, Dick and Harry and now Sturgeons 50% voting ceiling on pebiste. Her half hearted and insincere request for a section 30 cow towing to our colonial masters cap in hand . We need someone who will unite the independence movement someone we can trust and it isn’t the Colonial administration of Scotland. We need rid of this dud. Dissolve the Union.


  2. ‘Strugeon (sic) is suppressing the Scottish census as she DOES NOT WANT THE SCOTTISH PUBLIC TO REALISE THE LEVEL OF MIGRATION ..’ (my emphasis)

    I think it’s only right to inform TuS readers who may not be aware that DATA ON MIGRATION BETWEEN SCOTLAND AND THE REST OF THE UK (inward and outward) are updated annually and placed in the public domain by the National Records of Scotland. The link below provides migration data going back to 1991!

    I see no point in ‘suppressing the Scottish census’ for the claimed purpose when migration data are already publicly available from another source.

    The migration data can be inspected here:

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    1. Stewart – thanks very much for this link, I was unaware of this data. Have you any idea how often it is updated?


  3. Also the notion that the census data has been suppressed, is complete nonsense. The deadline, for late submission, was the end of May; 5½ weeks ago. The data from England and Wales has just come out, their censuses having been conducted, on schedule, last year.

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  4. Elderly people who cannot return to own homes for medical reason, frailty etc are finding alternative accommodation more easily. Good better care. Good social policy. Costing less and saving public money,

    The Scottish Gov invests in social personal care so the elderly can get support to stay in their own homes longer. More appropriate and less costs. A caring Gov

    Social personal care £100 a week. Residential care £1000 a week. Hospital care £1000 a day (approx).

    Scottish Gov mitigates other social costs. Kinship payments so vulnerable children can stay within their own families. Not go into the care system. Increased carers allowance. Increase grants and funding for additional needs support. Grants and funding for care leavers. Educational, personal and social support. Increased nursery/education support. Child allowance payment. To decrease poverty etc.


  5. Migration 10% each way. Scotland needs people. Scotland depopulated for years by Westminster illegal policies. Graft and corruption. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Thatcher. Higher unemployment etc. Scotland funds taken illegally and secretly taken.

    The illegal Settlement of Union, Scotland was not treated equally. The Clearances. The migration from Scotland. (higher unemployment) A 40 million diaspora. In the US, Canada, NZ and Australia. In other countries world wide. (Oil industry etc worldwide). Tourism makes £Billions. Salmon, whisky and other exports. Exported worldwide. Scotland has a less balance of payments deficit than the rest of the UK. A more balanced economy.

    Brexit – The EU nearest, largest market. 350million people. EU Grant and revenues lost. CAP payments lost. Vital workers lost. Better social policies and freedom of movement in the EU. Scotland voted to stay in the EU.

    UK Gov caused the worst migration crisis since WW2. Unlawfully bombing the Middle East to bits. Westminster Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. The unionists in Gov to line their pockets. A complete illegal catastrophe. A complete and utter criminal farce. From start to finish. The European countries have to alleviate suffering and pay the cost. £Trns. Germany pop 20% migrants. 20Million.

    Brexit a complete illegal catastrophe. The Tory/unionists will be gone soon, leaving their mess behind them. A total muck up. The poison chalice.

    Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret unlawfully for 100 years.

    German migrant pop 13million. Pop 83million. Nearly 20%. (17%). One of the most successful, prosperous economies in the world.


  6. Thanks for posts and your hard work re this John, it’s hard to keep up at times…which is good because there is lots to get through re facts…
    Anyway I just watched Dr. John Campbell, and interesting talk about, non Covid excess deaths happening now in England and Wales, which is the whole of the ‘UK’ of course! If you can, do watch it’s quite horrific at 16%+! I wonder if there is any data re this for Scotland at all?


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