Dark forces behind the latest poll on Scottish independence and English interest in it

The ever-alert Bill Cruickshank’s tweet has reminded me to comment on the above poll with a larger-than-usual lead for No and a surprisingly small level of support for Yes across the UK.

As Bill points out, techneUK have come from nowhere with no track record and no transparency on ownership or funding. This smells strongly of fakery and propaganda and, hopefully, most will recognise it as both suspicious and unreliable. Let’s see what our MSM make of it.

Expect more now that we have a date with destiny.

On the second point, as recently as 30 May 2021, the Herald reporting a poll for the Telegraph with this:

Poll finds only one fifth of English voters oppose Scottish independence.



A new poll has found the majority of English voters don’t care if Scotland becomes independent. In a poll by Savanta ComRes, 30 percent of adults declared they had no interest in the matter. A further 25 percent actually supported Scottish independence in a blow to Boris Johnson’s attempts to keep the UK intact. In contrast, only 32 percent oppose Scottish independence, a figure which includes the 20% of respondents who said they “strongly oppose” it. 


20 thoughts on “Dark forces behind the latest poll on Scottish independence and English interest in it

  1. This what the Techne UK website states:

    ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?

    Scottish voters only – Yes 39% / No 46% / Don’t Know 15%

    Scottish voters only, with don’t knows excluded – Yes 46% / No 54%

    All UK voters – Yes 10% / No 69% / Don’t Know 21%

    Michela Morizzo, Chief Executive of Techne UK, says: “On first glance, these numbers will be encouraging for those who do not want the break-up of the United Kingdom, but those in favour of Scotland being an independent country will also find encouragement in this poll.

    “Even on Nicola Sturgeon’s proposed timetable, we are 14 months away from any vote and the 15% who say they ‘don’t know’ will be the ones who decide the result.

    “At this stage before the 2014 referendum, ‘no’ was much further ahead in the polls so the First Minister will believe the argument for independence can be won. Equally though, those opposed will think any lead after Brexit and a particularly unpopular Prime Minister in Scotland is a strong base to build from for a referendum they do not want and which may not happen anytime soon.”

    Techne UK is an ‘an accredited member of the British Polling Council’, who’s president is John Curtis. The company is linked to an Italian company founded in 1995, which claims to be a ‘nationally and internationally recognised provider of high-quality opinion polling, market and data research and public affairs and has worked on hundreds of projects for a wide range of clients.’

    I suspect its findings relate to its survey sampling and/or weighting method. It certainly is an outlier.

    See https://technedcpa.com

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    1. pd0930
      In my younger days whilst tree planting and to ” Dig into” the ground
      I always put on my finest pair of boots,such was of great assistance
      Or to put it another way
      ” Put the Boot in “

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    1. The Polling industry have been censored and fined so many times but they just get away with inaccurate methods and statistics.

      Cambridge Analytica etc. A bunch of absolute crooks. Wasting public and private money gerrymandering to try and influence the vote to line their own pockets. An absolute disgrace

      The head of the association an inaccurate cycle of unionist influence. A millionaire Sir. Not acknowledging non scientific suspect methods. Circle of corruption breaking electoral rules, regulation and Laws.

      The ineffectual Electoral Commission in Westminster’s pockets. Breaking the rules that they make


  2. Funnily how the Herald have not over promoted the results of their own poll carried out a couple of days ago.. 🙂

    How would you vote in a Scottish independence referendum?

    Yes – I would vote in favour of Scottish Independence 88%
    No – I would vote against Scottish Independence 12%

    Total votes cast 18384

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  3. I think all this will be blown away when you see todays Panelbase poll for The Sunday Times!
    “Should Scotland be an independent country?”
    YES: 51%
    NO: 49%


  4. So we can be confident that with these polling results there will be.

    NO Challenges or attempts to debate or change the question

    “Should Scotland be an Independent Country” YES or NO.


  5. Well done to Bill for spotting this and raising the question.
    Any new polling company appearing out of nowhere in the UK market at this stage in proceedings should be treated with suspicion, it’s already a crowded field with established players who have track records.

    On your “surprisingly small level of support for Yes across the UK”, perhaps it shouldn’t be.
    Outside of Scotland there is colossal support for Scots holding a referendum, the consensus is that decision is for Scots to make and that decision will be respected even if with regret.
    Yet that is NOT what they are asking about here – The question is what will be on the ballot paper for the next Scottish independence referendum, and on which only Scots get a vote.
    Which begs the question WHY ask those who will NOT be voting on it ?


  6. What also seems to be, being pushed now is “English voters support Scottish independence” or “English voters don’t care if Scotland goes independent”. Then the logic will be “so it won’t matter to the out come if it’s a UK wide vote”. Once these attitudes have been pushed hard in Scotland alone. the S30 will appear with the condition of a UK wide vote.
    They can F*CK OFF and Pog mo thoin.
    From this point forward no other country will be provided with the operchansity to vote on or over ride decisions which are ours and ours alone to make in our own country.

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    1. I agree, I think an S30 will suddenly appear on the table although I imagined a pre negotiation condition accepting England as the Continuing State. Not acceptable of course.


  7. Last year Business for Scotland and also Yes Cymru independently carried out opinion polls of English attitudes to independence and both gave near identical results. For Scottish independence 49% of Conservative and 52% of Labour voters were happy for Scotland to leave the U.K..

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  8. The Libdem usually go in with the Tories – UK Gov.

    Another Tory majority will increase the SNP/Independence vote. In Scotland. No bother.

    Before people in Scotland did not have an escape
    route. They have now. To vote SNP/Independence.


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