No evidence that next election will be any more nasty

During the 1837 General Election, voters in Hawick attacked Tory supporters and threw 11 of them in the river. The pro-Liberal crowd then besieged Tory supporters in a tower and bombarded them with stones. The Liberal candidate then won the seat by only 44 votes.

Violence at UK elections was common throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.

In the 20th Century:

Clement Attlee, speaking at St Andrews University in April 1947, was showered by pepper released from a box which had been installed directly above the platform by a group of students……The catalogue of British political assassinations stretches back to the fatal shooting of Spencer Perceval in 1812, and includes other figures like Tory MPs, Ian Gow, Sir Anthony Berry and Airey Neave, all victims of Irish Republicanism.

Yesterday, Michael Settle of the Herald wrote: Next general election could be the nastiest in Scotland’s history. He’s not that young. Shouldn’t he have known or even guessed that the headline was unlikely to be correct?

5 thoughts on “No evidence that next election will be any more nasty

  1. “Nationalist” thugs is a trope that was used during 2014 and has been perpetuated by the unionist parties despite Police Scotland reporting that there had been remarkably little unruly behaviour, except, of course, when the Rangers supporting loyalists rioted in George Square after the result was known. BBC Scotland, filmed and reported from behind the ‘loyalist’ lines and blamed BOTH SIDES.

    Of course, Jim Murphy being egged almost caused apoplexy in the ‘progressive, campaigning’ Channel 4 reported, Alex ‘Thommo” Thomson. The media were wall to wall for about a week. A unionist tried to force Alex Salmond’s car off the road and was jailed. This was barely reported in any of the media.

    Settle is creating the story based on no evidence, but, in the way of the media, by having said it is A FACT.

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  2. If the British nationalist pundits in the colonial mejah have their way, the next election WILL be the nastiest ever.

    They will throw the kitchen sink at Sturgeon, the SNP and Scotland.
    There will be huge deficits, aliens, barbed wire, division, Royal interventions, hate speech, plagues of frogs, plagues of Tories, condescension, MI5 leaks, Russian threats, Putin sharing a platform with Boris/Starmer/DRossie/Starwars/Cauld-Ham and Baillie.

    That about covers Day 1.

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    1. gavinochilltre
      ” You ain’t seen nothing yet ”
      The elite & powerfull as we speak are actively blowing the dust of their nefarious files

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      1. Getting a tad in front of themselves, the SP hasn’t met yet nor do we know just how the Lord Advocate intends to present the question to the court, or in reality what question she intends to ask. This is a complex issue and the media really need to exercise some restraint. That an S30 might be offered, albeit it will come with strings attached, even though the FM hasn’t requested one shouldn’t be discounted.
        In my own mind since in essence we are determining whether or not we remain in the Union created by Treaty, that it is the Treaty from which the Union parliament derives it’s power to reserve matters, there is more here to consider than simply the limitations set by the Union parliament via the Scotland Act.

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