Sarwar ‘dividing’ Scotland with fake news

Scottish Labour clearly has trouble recruiting researchers or Anas Sarwar, fully qualified dentist, doesn’t care about the facts. Both?

Repeating myself again, but to get a quick response in, see these posts from June 7th:

The key initial Quality Performance Indicators for Melanoma Cancer, have been met in 2020/2022, for more than 96% of those referred. This is up from 91.5% in 2018/2019 and beats the 90% target by some way.

And from June 28th:

Leaving aside the fact that ‘Sturgeon’ is neither the responsible head of a health board nor is she the Health Secretary, the Herald report by Tom Gordon, headlines the 62-day target from urgent suspicion of cancer referral to first cancer treatment being met for only 76.9% of patients.

The above is correct but selective, in that the other target of 31 days from decision to treat to first cancer treatment was met for 96.3%.

Note that in the case of the first target, some will not have required treatment where, for example, there turns out to be no cancer or where it is non-aggressive and will be monitored only.

In the second case, all have a cancer and 96.3% were treated in 31 days.


5 thoughts on “Sarwar ‘dividing’ Scotland with fake news

  1. ‘Starwars and Gordon’–sound like 19thc graverobbers, don’t they?

    Given his endless inaccuracies, I would not wont him anywhere near my teeth. And reading Gordons propaganda is as bad as getting your teeth pulled!

    Is that shoe polish Stawars has on his head–to cover up the baldy bit?


  2. What is about the likes if Sarwar
    Does he seriously believe he is goingf to succeed
    If so Albion Rovers Shall be European Champions in the next 5 yrs
    Both scenarios originate only from the Mad House


  3. Sarwar is uniting Scotland against Sarwar/Labour Repeating constant nonsense. Give it up. Total hypocrites. Labour going down and down into irrelevant. Just good at causing to cause trouble throughout society. A complete embarrassment.


  4. Any urgent cancer patients receive treatment within a month. The people know that so do not believe the lies because they are receiving treatment, The SNHS one of the best services in the world. Saving lives every day. People know how great it is they use it every day. That is why it gets such great support.

    Constantly knocking the SNHS (education) is not a good policy. Another negative outlook. People support it and love it so much. The public news how good it can be. It would be even better without Westminster interference and poor bad management of the economy. The Tories tried to cut the budget and are still underfunding the health service. Saving people. Funding Defence killing people. Poor bad management and policies. Wasting Scottish revenues. Instead of funding the NHS properly. The Westminster unionist poor, bad priorities. War.

    Care in the community – prison. (Thatcher etc)


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