McColl blamed for ferry fiasco

In the Herald today, Ema Sabljak, clearly not one of the pro-Union big beasts like Gordon, Wilson, Monteith or McWhirter:

Mistakes made at the outset in the construction of two ferries delayed by over five years saw money “effectively wasted” on rebuilding units, the chief executive of Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL) said. Kevin Hobbs claimed that the issues were down to a “catastrophic failure” of management, not a failure of the workforce.

Further down we read:

Management, eh? Remind me who was the person whose butt was located where the buck stopped? Jim McColl? Yeh that’d be the man.

You’ll remember several previous MSM reports laying the blame on the SNP Government, even on the FM:

See all those guys? When I speak, they jump. This is all mine.

22 thoughts on “McColl blamed for ferry fiasco

  1. No one is too blame for constructing ferries that will save monies for years to come. New design and innovation costs more to save over time. The £Trillions that can be saved worldwide by using fuel saving costs affective ferries is monumental. ‘Green’ ferries. The technology could be sold worldwide.

    The ridiculous blame game does not help anyone. What a waste of time and money. Innovation is the best investment. To save monumental amounts of money over time.

    More great Scottish innovation and technology. A great investment. Another great example of Scottish investment and innovation which will save £Billions over time. What an absolutely to do about nothing, More total Unionist ignorance and foolishness. Blinked corruption. The £monies wasted by Westminster £Trillions over time.

    The only ones to blame are unionist ‘journalists’ printing nonsense. Why do give it a rest. People are sick of hearing it. Get over it for goodness sake. Innovation costs monies to save over time. Full stop. Or make proper report. If only.

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    1. Sadly, ‘blame’ is an end in itself as far as the Scottish media and the unionist politicians are concerned. It is a ritual, which they learn at the in-depth 20 minute ‘journalism training’ they undergo, like the shorter catechism and prayers: they can simply be chuntered out, without any thought: “And, just how bad is the Scotland/SG?” “Oh, it’s pure bad, Fiona,” “And what should be done about it?” “Heads must roll, Fiona. That Humza Yousaf must go”. “Well, there we have it!”

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  2. Nope, he is rich.
    How can you blame a rich man for being useless?

    If he gets out of this, I’m sure he would be happy to pay for a treehouse or gold wallpaper—“just ask me”, Boris!

    And “Scotlands” press will stand back in admiration for his largess.

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  3. Innovative fuel saving ‘Green’ ferries are anything but useless. Worldwide. Scottish innovation. Small minded people ignorantly knocking innovation and good investment. The £Millions invest will save £Billions in fuel. They will save £thousands on every journey. The costs saved will be phenomenal.

    The Scottish Gov and Jim McColl behaved admirable. Get get them. Finished and in to service. To save £Million/billions.

    The igoramouses will count their words


  4. Imagine the Norwegian Gov complaining about spending £250Million over five years building ferries. A minute investment. £50million a year. Scottish Revenues £66Billion a year.

    Norway invests and builds 100 vessels a year. Including ferries.

    Bigger ferries cost more to build on average. Innovation to save monies a bit more. A great investment. To save monies and future expense. Try and read a balance sheet. To keep a balance.

    Compared to rotting nuclear corpses at Rosyth. Costing £Billions. Including Scottish finances. £Trillions to ruin the world.

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  5. Ferries cost £10,000 a night in harbour charges. £thousands in fuel costs every journey. Subsidised by the Scottish Gov.


  6. Sung to “Ilka Tory”–bawdy folk tune.

    “When a Tory, gropes a Tory.
    In the Carlton Club.
    When a Tory gropes a Tory,
    the mejah shuts its gub.

    Ilka Tory hiz a scandal,
    hidden fae the plebs.
    Fleet street blanks the Tory scandals,
    ‘Cause they are Murdoch dregs.

    When a Tory gropes a Tory,
    Its OK— they’re just being posh
    ‘Cause when a Tory gropes a Tory,
    They’re not stealing poor folks dosh.”

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  7. Harbour charges at Aberdeen harbour are £10,000 a night. The vessels sit outside the harbour to cut costs. Until necessary. To refuel and restock etc.

    Vessels have to monitor Oil rigs etc. Cutting costs will save £Millions/Billions

    Fuel charges astronomical that could be saved. With innovation technology


  8. Time after Time i will
    Clearly state that due to Westminster Gross
    Mismanagement of shipbuilding
    Scotland has now lost
    Forever the ability to
    Build complex modern ships
    Excuse the pun But the Boat Has Sailed
    McColl obviousily thought this was just a simple case of ” Metal Bashing ”
    How wrong he and everyone has and will be
    The simple fact that under his management the cabling installed was short and had to be ripped out
    The cabling in modern high tech shipping is absolutely
    Vital along with provision for essential
    Modern complex high
    Learn to leave well alone the things you cannot do
    And identify areas of
    Excellence where you have distinct advantages in all areas reqd.
    You do not plant potatoes in a desert
    Nor cactus in a Ayrshire Tattie field
    Pure simple wisdom and common sense
    Tis not dreams we need

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  9. O/T I didn’t watch BBCQT from Inverness but did catch comments and clips on twitter. Looks to have been a more balanced audience – if not panel – with pro-indy voices making good points, coherently and eloquently.

    However, one clip I watched was of the contribution of a Tory ‘activist’ in the audience and it triggered this comment. It concerns the constantly repeated Unionist refrain: ‘Scotland’s failing education system’.

    This is an only too obvious tactic. It’s well know from psychology that repeating something many times reinforces the message and – unless contrary information is acquired and/or the discourse is reframed – eventually may get accepted by the subconscious as being the truth.

    Repetition is one of the most simple but highly effective ways to ingrain information or pass a message. If the media is dominated by those taking a particular political position, ‘repetition’ is of course made more feasible.

    I sympathise with SNP politicians on panel shows or in televised debates in seeking to rebut or reframe. Firstly, the charge ‘failing education’ is often made in a list of similar unsubstantiated negatives – the ‘Gish Gallop’ debating tactic (see below). It takes a VERY skilful debater to counter claims on what is one or multiple complex policy areas in the limited time available.

    Secondly, and related to the above, those claiming ‘failure’ never have to define what they mean by this, and on education, rarely provide evidence beyond ‘PISA’! ‘Education’ is a complex, multifaceted area of public policy. Even rebutting PISA scores is a substantial task!

    Thirdly, the fact that Scotland’s education system is NOT perfect is not disputed by me – nor by the Scottish Government. How could it possibly be otherwise? Show me any education system – indeed any area of public policy – anywhere, anytime that is perfect? Mature political discourse would acknowledge, and make use of, space between ‘successful’ vs. ‘failed’ positions. But I doubt the Tory activist claiming education failure on BBCQT was interested in debating education!

    But my main point here is different. Gaslighting of the Scottish education system has been going on for years. Are members of the teaching profession and their representatives, notably the EIS, unaware or unconcerned with this? Are they aware but content to ignore it, to refrain from pushing back in public fora? Or have I missed the profession’s push back?

    For the intrinsic status and reputation of Scottish education – and more, for the public standing of the teaching profession in Scotland – is this OK? Is simply responding as individual teachers at the ballot box sufficient? Should a point come when teaching – as a profession – decides ENOUGH UNSUBSTANTIATED DENIGRATION IS ENOUGH and begin defending its reputation and achievements out of professional self-interest? I wonder.

    For those new to the concept of the ‘Gish Gallop’ -see

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    1. stewartb
      All excellent,straight out of Goebbels play book
      However may I suggest with regards the word “Gish ”
      That the G be substituted
      With a P


    2. Totally agree with everything you said here – the Scottish education system is failing is one of several often repeated statements in need of robust challenge. The ones I see coming up time and again are
      Failing health/education services – we get lots of useful info here but too much maybe to condense down to a pithy rebuttal. We need to get and condense info on the privatisation agenda down south and the impact on our budget, and have some positive quotes & statistics to hand
      Highest drug deaths in Europe – how to challenge this without seeming to be making excuses, am I right in thinking Scotland identifies drug deaths differently from other countries? Never hear England has the highest stabbing deaths in the UK
      Failure on ferries – again some great info here recently to condense
      UK is our biggest export market – so was Ireland’s once, more a result of Irish, Scottish & Welsh exports having to go through English ports, not necessarily stopping in the UK?
      Once in a generation – argh! Thankfully I’ve noticed a lot of tweets pointing out what unionists once said about a majority in Holyrood making a referendum possible, I’m sure there are lots more quotes we could use


  10. It was obvious to any experienced project engineer poor management lay behind the problems over these ferries, the more McColl and the media played the “SNP political interference” fiddle, the more obvious the political stitch-up became to anyone who know how contract law works.

    This latest evidence from CMAL is damning, clearly exampled and pointing straight back to FMEL’s ‘poor’ project management, yet here’s the greater puzzle – The workforce included experienced managers who would most certainly have known the risks involved in what they were instructed to do, and would have escalated concerns to higher management before things got out of hand – Yet they were instructed to continue.
    McColl is no dummy when it comes to risk management, if managers highlighted a financial risk, he would have taken steps to protect his investment, period. Yet somewhat obviously this risk was undertaken ONLY for the two major vessels in the yard urgently required by CMAL. Anybody else detecting a whiff of Eau de Latrine, made in London ?


    1. Yet somewhat obviously this risk was undertaken ONLY for the two major vessels in the yard urgently required by CMAL. Anybody else detecting a whiff of Eau de Latrine, made in London ?”

      McColl bought up companies in the Wind Turbine business with the stated (in Scotland’s papers, that is) intention of developing a build and repair facility in Scotland.

      Around the end of his tenure at Fergusons he opened a Wind Turbine facility in NE England.

      a whiff of Eau de Latrine, made in London ?”

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  11. OT John, did you read “ScotRail reveal six-figure salaries of senior executives” piece by HMS James Cook, (How apt) introduced by the now customary “Newly-nationalised ScotRail” feeding into ” has published the salaries of its senior management for the first time” – Note the disappeared reference to “salaries of ANY senior management” ever before Scotrail was even “nationalised”.

    Yet note the web woven in this pastiche, criticising management salaries released into the public domain by default on nationalisation of Scotland, despite the salaries of the entire staff of BBC Scotland shrouded in secrecy but estimated to exceed any member of Scotrail’s management handsomely if not it’s entirety.


  12. The Oil employment is picking up. They cannot get enough workers. A shortage on major salaries. The Oil industry still contribute £Billions to the economy. The same as the ferries. Monies spent and invested in the Scottish economy. The islands are well supported and add to the economy. There is a shortage of workers. Major salaries. The workers will get a better job and salary elsewhere no bother.

    Workers were paid off in the downturn. Now they cannot get enough workers on high salaries.

    A bit of cheap publicity for the Union.


  13. Fiona Bruce is a Millionaire. An ignoramus spouting propaganda for the Westminster Gov. In their pockets. Paid to regurgitate Westminster lies and corruption. That is why no one watches it. The BBC corruption. Plain for all to see. A total waste of time.

    No viewers. No programmes. Do not watch it. Paid propaganda and plants in the audience. Totally contrived to a right wing agenda. People collude with a system to which they have to gain.

    They get called out on the unbridled internet. Less restrictions and able to control. Government controlled of propaganda. Trying to troll the people.

    £5Billion for that nonsense and rubbish. Easier, cheaper and calmer to get information on the internet. A people’s choice.


  14. Any money spent on the ferries was invested in the Scottish economy entirely. Not wasted money. On jobs and innovation which will bring return in spades. It went entirely on the Scottish economy. Jobs and investment. The return in potential massive. Spend £Millions to save £Billions. Scotland can afford it.

    Scottish discovery and invention changed the modern world. ‘Scotland the land of discovery and invention’ – Chinese. They are doing all right. Growth.

    Whatever some halfwit click bait deluded MSM try to insinuate. A drop in the ocean compared to Westminster waste. Waste paper recycling. Gutter Press. Yesterday’s garbage. Westminster Clickbait.

    Hickley Point, HS2 etc. Years over time and budget. Covid wastage Brexit. £Billions wasted (including Scottish funds). Unprecedented waste. Nuclear Trident redundant weaponry. Killing people all swept under the carpet. Wasting £Trillions,

    Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie illegally kept secret for 100 years.


  15. Scotland has one of the best SNHS and Education systems in the world. £Billions are invested in it. One of the largest investment in the economy and society.

    The Health, Education and welfare system are the most important things in any society. They save people’s lives. Shape society. The unequal society. The more equal the society is the more cohesive it can be. The citizens are happier. More content. The majority are altruistic. They care about each other. A caring Gov cares about the people and show it. No matter what unionist/ colluded propaganda. The people vote accordingly.

    People in the society know because they use it every day. No matter what some deluded (unionist) politicians and MSM try to imply. Making complete fools of themselves. People get sick of all the lies and vote accordingly. The lies that are being peddling are dangerous.

    The proof is in the pudding by the people who use it. The voters. They know how good it is because they use the services. That is why public value it so much and support it.

    It would be even better without Westminster’s illegal interfere in the Scottish economy. Westminster bad. poor deluded decisions and corruption plain for all to see. Making a complete fool of themselves. Wasting lying and wasting public monies to line their pockets. A public complete and utter disgrace.

    (Unionist) Councils are responsible for higher drug deaths. Social care. Then they blame the Scottish Gov. The Scottish Gov has allocated drink/alcohol funding £250million. £50Million a year over five years. That will make a difference. Providing the (unionist) councils do not waste it on inadequate services. Spend it on proper services. Not waste it on something else.


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