BBC burying the First Minister’s answers

In a report on action by police officers and covering the First Minister’s responses to Douglas Ross, married to a serving officer, that response is edited, summarised and placed in the 20th paragraph, as:

She said officers in Scotland were paid more than in the rest of the UK, there were more police officers per head of population in Scotland than in England, and the policing budget was due to rise by £40.5m this year.

Here’s what she actually said:

Policing clearly is a priority for this government. It has been for every day, month, year that this government has been in office. I think that is demonstrated by the facts that, in Scotland, we have 32 officers per 10 000 population. That compares with the situation in England where, of course, the Conservatives are currently in government of just 23 police officers per 10 000 population. So I think that speaks for itself. We are increasing in this financial year the Policing budget by £40.5 million. That brings the total budget to almost £4.1 billion and that budget maintains our commitment to protect the police budget in real terms. The resource spending review of course; I’d make two points about that. Firstly, it does not represent budgets. It is projecting ahead based on the financial information that we have right now. It is the responsibility, each and every year, for this government to put forward the budget and for this Parliament to scrutinise and pass that budget. The second point I would make and one that I’ve made before, is that that resource spending review, the projection, is of course constrained by the fact that our budget is largely set by Westminster governments and, right now, those budgets are not keeping pace with inflation. So if Douglas Ross wants more money for this government to allocate then perhaps, as well as, not instead of, as well as asking me questions, he might want to make one or two representations to his boss at Westminster.


For example, the total number of officers, in Scotland now, is higher than the situation we inherited. Of course that compares with a 20 000 reduction in police officers where the Conservatives are in government…In England & Wales, the lowest starting salary for a police officer is £21 654. In Scotland, a new police constable starts on £26 737. Last year, officers received a £700 pay uplift and a separate non-consolidated payment of £250 in Scotland. In England & Wales, where the Conservatives are in power, the majority of police officer received no increase in pay whatsoever.

You’ll see, I’m sure, the deliberate concealment of the devastating response and the Tory claims fail to survive and encounter with the evidence.

3 thoughts on “BBC burying the First Minister’s answers

  1. Bias by repressing facts by the Boris Broadcasters.

    Nothing new here. I complained to the BEEB that the lunchtime news for Scotland is always 4-5 minutes late starting (giving an actual news segment of about 6 minutes in a supposed 15 minute slot), and the 6.30 news is now 2-2.5 minutes late. They replied that it wasn’t important enough to worry their petty little heads about.

    Feck-orf Jock, was between the lines.


  2. This is very frustrating. We have to do something about all this mis-information and obfuscation as we prepare for the referendum. We have to find a means to get our message out in the public view.


  3. I read somewhere today that the FM gives too many statistics in her answers. It was a unionist, of course. Pity they don’t actually listen to the statistics she delivers because they might actually learn something.


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