A tale of two Westminster whips – one SNP and one Tory

He’s accused of groping other MPs in a private members’ club and he’s called Pincher? And he whips the backbenchers into line? No. You’re having us on.

From BBC UK today:

Tory deputy chief whip Chris Pincher has resigned from the government, as a newspaper alleged he groped two men at a private members’ club. In his resignation letter, he told the PM he “drank far too much” and “embarrassed myself and other people”. Witnesses told the BBC he was seen “extremely drunk” at the Carlton Club, the Conservative Party members’ club in London on Wednesday night. The BBC has approached Mr Pincher for comment. A Downing Street source said as things stood he would face no further action from the party and would keep the whip – meaning he would remain a Conservative MP.


The above reaction by the Conservative Party is all-the-more fascinating when you consider when he has previous. In 2017, he made an ‘unwanted pass’ at at former Olympic rower and Conservative activist Alex Story. Is pass like a grope but less intimate? Readers help me out here.

You can’t help but compare the UK Conservative Party’s soft line on this with their clearly hard-core Calvinist puritan branch members in Edinburgh, on the Patrick Grady case. Grady, we read, ‘touched and stroked the neck, hair and back of his colleague during a social event at a London pub in 2016.

I’m not excusing Grady here but is that more or less abusive than a grope or a pass? Again readers help me out. Here’s how Scottish Cons and Libs react to this kind of thing:

Scottish Conservative chairman Craig Hoy MSP said: “Patrick Grady should have been sacked long before this but the SNP have shown they have absolutely no backbone and would rather back the perpetrator over the victim.

“The abuser is gone but the poison remains in the SNP and the party leadership should be ashamed of the way they have handled this scandal.

“It’s appalling that Nicola Sturgeon and Ian Blackford are still treating a disgraced MP with more sympathy than the victim who suffered sexual harassment.”

Mr Hoy also called for Ian Blackford to be sacked “so victims have confidence that they’ll be taken seriously in the future”.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton also called for Mr Blackford’s resignation.

He said: “At no point has Ian Blackford showed an ounce of leadership. He voiced absolute full support for Patrick Grady over the victim, allowed SNP whips to act menacingly and resorted to intimidation,” he said. “Ian Blackford must go.”


Best of all, Here’s qualified bull-castrator, linesman, MP and MSP, Douglas Ross getting all judgemental:

I should understand this better given my own experience as a 19 year-old trainee architect, in tight black velvet loon pants, c 1969, when I was bottom-pinched repeatedly by older women office staff.


11 thoughts on “A tale of two Westminster whips – one SNP and one Tory

  1. One rule for them.
    One rule for us.
    Enforced by a colonial media in Scotland.
    Scotophobia from London, and Scot-hating Scots in Scotland.


  2. No better example of the hypocrisy in play here than from DRoss making a mountain out of a molehill from 6 years previously, or the media frenzy over ‘sex-pest’ Grady despite Ahmad Khan being merely ‘disgraced’ after being tried in a court of law and imprisoned a month before.

    I don’t think anyone has been more critical of Grady’s behaviour than Grady himself – His attempted pass and rebuff will have haunted him for the last 6 years, this latest media frenzy has more than a degree of orchestration to it.

    It is this which appalls me most, the media seem ever available to play ball with whatever game the Tory PR manipulators dream up, as far removed from impartial journalism as it is possible to be.


    1. “… this latest media frenzy has more than a degree of orchestration to it.”
      They all have Bob and there will be increasingly frenzied efforts to orchestrate as many SNP bad stories in the lead up to #Indyref2.

      The BBC and MSM in Scotland are shameless.

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  3. “The abuser is gone but the poison remains in the SNP”. It seems that as far as the Conservatives are concerned that the shame of any misdemeanour will continue until the third and fourth generations, yea, even amongst those who were innocent of any wrong action other than supporting a principle which we don’t.

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  4. The “Scottish” media stretched the SNP Whip story out for a week.
    The Tory Whip story is already disappearing after a whole morning.
    No “sex pest”. No “disgraced”.
    Just a Boris–boys will be boys excuse.

    Just wall to wall media hypocrisy.

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  5. Four thoughts
    1. I would have thought – or I seem to remember – grope come after pass?
    2. Comparing Grady with Pincher is like comparing a rotten apple with a rotten pear?
    3. The difference is that the SNP have – eventually – taken Grady out of the fruit bowl (just to keep the analogy going) while the Tories seem happy to put Pincher to the back of the bowl and hope no one sees/ remembers.
    4. Did the 19 year old John Robertson complain about the “older women office staff”. Or was it a bonus? If so, for who?


  6. The whole key to this was that said events arose whilst inebriated in a Private Gentleman’s Club
    Where was the Pigs head i wonder amongst much else
    If ever there were need of a “Fly on the Wall ” in such dens of inequity
    And but alas My Old Chap
    The flies are bred and hatched by MI5 and GCHQ
    but genetically engineered to infiltrate the SNP,Greens
    And Indy supporting conclave
    And not to search for the real Sh*t


  7. Alexander Brown, Westminster Correspondent of The Scotsman has tweeted this morning:

    @AlexofBrown: ‘I’m told at this morning’s Downing Street meeting Guto Harri told staff Chris Pincher was vulnerable and had lost his career, so they should all “think about how he feels” today.’

    (https://twitter.com/AlexofBrown )

    For information, Harri currently serves as Downing Street Director of Communications, having been appointed by Boris Johnson in February 2022

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  8. Have you seen the report of the independent expert panel on the conduct of Patrick Grady? If not, you should read it –

    Click to access hc-368—the-conduct-of-mr-patrick-grady-mp.pdf

    It paints a rather different picture of the SNP response and the behaviour of the complainant than the press and opposition politicians want you to hear.

    For reasons that may or may not be obvious, and I won’t repeat here, the report on the conduct of Patricia Gibson may also be worth a read –

    Click to access hc-505—the-conduct-of-ms-patricia-gibson-mp.pdf

    What is it about the initials PG? 😉

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